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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to write essay about success: Tips and Example

Working Hard As a Key Element of Success

Our life is complicated and diverse. Each person faces a lot of obstacles in the course of the lifetime. The way how people solve problems and confront difficulties determines whether they might be called successful or not. Success consists of many different things, but idleness is definitely not one of them. It goes without saying that a successful person is the one who can work as hard as possible to give one's best shot at achieving one's goals. We all get this message when we are small kids - we have to do something when we want to get something. At school, it almost literally transforms to ‘no pain, no gain.' For this reason, school and college years are considered to be the most stressful in one's life. Later, we get used to it. The experience of our society and numerous scientific research findings show that the one who struggles for success will likely get it. Even if there are a few exceptions, they only prove the rule to be true. So, it gets obvious that if you want to be successful, you have to strive for it.

Today's world requires every one of us to demonstrate a high level of competitiveness. You have to generate ideas, show excellent leadership skills, and keep working. One can observe the same tendencies in the corporate world. Besides performing their duties, managers of different levels have to search for the ways to make their company better than its competitors. It incorporates various aspects of everyday activities of the company. The most important task they have is to create goods and services with the highest consumer value. The more needs are satisfied by the same product, the higher its appeal to a potential buyer is. It takes up a lot of effort from everyone working in the company, but this is the only way to succeed. It is interesting that there are many techniques aimed at simplifying the working process, but implementing them demands hard work from all the employees as well.

Your personal success is the result of how hard you work to get it and how much time you spend on it. Let's consider how people gain success in professional sports. The more they practice, the better results they show. Also, players spend plenty of time together learning to work as a team. They go the whole way, overcoming failures, defeats, and falls. They do or die. And if they do not die, they start doing it all over again. Coaches, in turn, condition teams, work out strategies, research the rivals' tactics, etc. These are all very time-consuming and hard-demand tasks. You can learn something from other people's experience. Moreover, you really should do it, but this will never be enough without practice. Another great example is musicians. Everybody who has ever played an instrument knows that it only seems easy and natural. This is never about talent either. Any musician spends countless hours practicing. This does not only take a lot of time but is also physically draining. Overcoming all this will lead any athlete, professional player, musician, manager, and everybody else to the triumph he or she deserves. Once you believe in it and start acting, you will surely be a successful person.

To conclude, people have to work hard to get rid of their weaknesses and boost their strengths. We all have strong points which can help us win in various life situations. This is also applicable to companies that must strive to be the best. However, one should see the difference between working hard and overextending oneself. If you feel that all the pains are bringing you to the desired result, you can try harder. If it is all in vain, the monotonous chores that only consume your time and energy have no point. Listen to yourself and be wise. If you do so, all the efforts you expend will pay back.