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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write an Immigration Essay

Over the last years, immigration has been the starting point of worldwide headlines, having a severe impact, not only from an economic perspective but also from a social one. People leave their countries behind, in the pursuit of a better future, of new challenges or just because they don’t feel safe anymore in the confines of what used to be their home. Most of the times, it’s seen as an alternative for the not-so-well-off people that see it as an opportunity for a new life.

The rationale behind this movement is complex and influenced by many factors. Some run away from the aggression and the conflicts in their countries, as recently occurred in Syria, thousands of people turning into refugees. Also, history proved entire communities could flee their country just to keep themselves away from being slaughtered by a tyrannical and oppressive leader, as it was the case of the Jews during the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. For some others the reason doesn’t emerge from the effects of a hostile environment; they are just searching for a new lifestyle, with different social interaction or even a better job that would acknowledge their value as professionals.

It has been demonstrated on various occasions that a person working abroad took the decision of leaving based on economic facts and by being pragmatic. It is yet another confirmation that being an immigrant is an effect of low financial resources. A country that doesn’t invest in keeping the labor force within its borders is considered to be a permanent generator of immigrants. From the outside, being an immigrant is also seen as the result of the determination, compared with an actual deed of bravery. All this because it is compared with a total restart: taking the decision of abandoning the loved ones, embracing a new culture and accepting its customs, confronting new challenges and facing eventual financial difficulties. The last part is often inevitable because immigrants are not always as valued as the natives of a foreign country and their work is underpaid, or their authority is undermined as part of a small community. At the end of the day, going to work in another country is determined by not having an alternative, even though it is proven to be a hard path.

Certainly, this constant moving around wouldn’t be an issue if politics would be stable enough to provide employment for those who want or need a workplace. A safer government environment encourages and stimulates the beliefs of families about making a home, having children and eventually being protected by the ones they chose to be led by.

One of the main consequences of the increased number of immigrants was the adjustment of the laws affecting them. It has become harder to be cleared up by the authorities, to be granted work permission and access to a particular country. The numerous documents required for validation also have the tendency to discourage immigrants to pursue the countries they consider the starting point of their new life.

A rigorous approach to immigration would be one way to solve this situation and to be more in control of the number of immigrants, especially the illegal ones. Many cities are suffering because of a bad calibration of immigration laws; these cities are now overcrowded, and the workload is rather assigned to immigrants than to the natives. Each country and government should ensure a proper financial income for their citizen. Given the scale of this issue, it would be very difficult to align the governments around the world in adopting the same immigration policy, but with time it wouldn’t be impossible.

This is just an example of how an immigration essay might look like, even though you, as a writer, are free to pick any other topic or dig into more specific details. For example, you could choose to focus on one aspect of immigration in one particular country. Recent Trump regulations, for instance, should be an acute issue - not only for the US citizens but for a whole range of social students. Or, you could potentially dig deeper into the history of immigration, exploring the laws and regulations from a historical perspective. This is a fantastic topic for students majoring both in history and politics.

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