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Why I Want to Transfer Schools (461 words, 1 pages)
Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve (250-660 words). Growing up inside the Capital Beltway, I was lucky to attend a top public high school that was both racially and socioeconomically diverse. As an International Baccalaureate Diploma student, my classes ... Read More
My Story of Why I Want to Transfer (467 words, 2 pages)
The essay I have uploaded is a rough draft. My thoughts are jumbled and I need help organizing, articulating and conveying both my thoughts and objectives. I have written a first draft detailing a story on the reason I want to transfer. The basics I have had a missing void, ... Read More
An Essay on the Reasons Why I Want to Transfer to a Different University (917 words, 2 pages)
One of the reasons as to why I want to transfer from my current University is to upgrade my academics. I would wish to transfer to a higher level University to get more quality education. I am not experiencing much challenge in my current University. I am always on the ... Read More
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