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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Pro Gun Control Essay Example

In the wake of the latest mass shootings that have caused a lot of distress in the entire society, the dispute regarding gun supervision has reached its peak - and it is not going to decline anytime soon. Is it necessary to impose gun control regulations? Is it right to allow every person to possess a weapon for the purpose of self-defense? By writing this kind of an essay, you are able to express your point of view regarding this very pressing matter. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to write a winning gun control essay as soon as it is technically possible. We’ll show you how to come up with strong arguments and interesting titles and how to include find sources on this subject.

Make a valuable contribution to the gun control debate

You may not be aware of this, but every day 33 people die from gun-inflicted wounds in the United States alone. This statistic would be worth presenting in your paper on the topic of gun control. If you need more arguments both in favor and against firearm supervision, take a look at the lists below.

Arguments in favor of firearm control

  • Anyone, who owns a firearm, can murder or wound another person, or, in the worst-case scenario, a lot of people.
  • If you possess a firearm, you have a 43 times bigger chance of murdering someone in your family or your circle of friends rather than a trespasser.
  • The suicide rate is five times bigger in residences in which someone owns a revolver.

Arguments in opposition to firearm control

  • Firearms cannot be blamed for anyone's murder. Instead, it is other people that are responsible for such actions.
  • Self-defense and hunting are legitimate reasons for possessing a firearm.
  • Delinquents will still be able to harm other people, even if the law doesn’t allow them to possess a firearm.
Now that you are aware of the most important arguments for and against gun control, you can choose your own position on the subject.

A few compelling titles and innovative ideas for papers on firearm supervision

Another element that is essential to getting a high grade for your gun control paper is coming up with a compelling title. The title of your essay needs to convey your point of view and to grab your reader's attention. Take a look at our list of examples of catchy titles both for pro- and anti-gun control essays. Essays in favor of gun control:
  1. A larger number of firearms amount to increased violence.
  2. Deviant individuals must not get their hands on firearms.
  3. A rectification of the Second Amendment can avert disasters.
  4. The Second Amendment and firearm supervision can go hand in hand.
  5. The narrow border between self-defense and lethal assault.
Essays against gun control:
  1. Firearm supervision is not a solution – a proper upbringing is.
  2. Gun culture disinformation begins with animation films
  3. The responsibility of the media: crime represents a fast road to popularity.
  4. Firearm supervision: why not prohibit every single object that can be regarded risky?
  5. Delinquents do not care about firearm regulations.

The best materials to research for your gun control paper

Now that you know how to create a compelling title and how to introduce strong arguments in your gun control essay, the next step is to add references to reliable materials, such as the following:
  • The official website of the National Rifle Association.
  • “Guns”, a non-fiction essay written by the famous Stephen King.
  • “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?”, a paper published by Don Kates and Gary Mauser in the reputable. Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.
If you require additional tips on how to start writing your gun control paper, read on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Firearm Supervision

The firearm supervision debates that have taken place so far have approached and rigorously assessed both the advantages and the disadvantages of gun control. Nevertheless, neither the supporters nor the contestants of firearm supervision have shown willingness to change their standpoints. As such, the matter has remained unsettled. Consider some of the most significant points made for and against gun control. Ideas expressed in favor of firearm supervision (advantages)
  1. As revealed by statistics, even though the US amounts to solely 5% of the global population, American citizens possess half of the firearms on the globe.
  2. According to the statistics regarding the percentage of deaths caused by firearms, the US is placed right after South Africa.
Ideas expressed against firearm supervision (disadvantages)
  1. The concept of supervising the distribution of firearm comes in direct contradiction with the democratic belief that every person should be allowed to protect one's life. Firearms are a necessity, as they enable individuals to protect themselves against those who want to harm them. As a matter of fact, firearm crime statistics have revealed that unsupervised firearm possession would result in a larger number of firearm infractions, which would eventually lead to anarchy. And the main goal of firearm supervision is to avert the chaos, not the possession of firearms. As such, this argument isn’t very strong.
  2. Seeing firearm possession as the right guaranteed by the Second Amendment, no one can impose limitations regarding it. Nevertheless, we ought to take into consideration that the largest part of the Second Amendment relies on data conveyed by people who did not possess a university degree and had no expertise in the field of law. Furthermore, it is illogical to believe that no one can impose limitations on this amendment. As a matter of fact, virtually any regulation can be changed, limited, or even annulled by an ensuing regulation. As such, if we think of the ideas mentioned above, it seems like the advantages of firearm supervision are more powerful.

Writing a gun control paper: the main phases of the process

Unless you organize it adequately, the process of writing a winning paper may prove to be quite hard. Regardless of the type of paper, you need to write (a persuasive, cause and effect, narrative or compare and contrast) it is essential to create a rigorous plan and to conduct in-depth research. Here are the 3 phases of the writing process, especially, when it comes to a paper on gun supervision.
  • Regardless of the specific type of academic essay you need to write, you should start by providing a definition of the term 'gun control'. Use the definitions that are the most suitable for your paper. For instance, a good idea would be to start with a dictionary definition and to proceed by providing some universal information regarding the types of guns that can be purchased on the market. Afterward, you could include some statistical data regarding firearm supervision, like possession or motives for possession.
  • In the body paragraphs, you should introduce important facts on firearm supervision. Concerning firearm supervision statistical data, you can discuss studies that have approached this topic throughout the years. If your paper is in favor of gun supervision, you could include analyses or statistical data that proves how it has led to death and violence. You could also refer to situations in which students have stolen their parents’ firearms to open fire in schools. If your paper is against firearm supervision, you could refer to studies that demonstrate how it can rescue human lives, or mention other thoughts that point out the advantages of it.
  • Finally, you need to create a powerful concluding paragraph, which should sum up the main idea of your paper and restate your most significant arguments. Then, you should convey a concluding statement, which must be based on the facts presented in your essay. If it is not an argumentative one, you should showcase your findings and recommendations on the topic of gun control.
It goes without saying that the content and structure vary in accordance with your type of paper. While the facts stay unchanged, it is the manner in which you organize and showcase the information that generates a sound argument. As such, don’t forget to come up with a structure to adequately organize the facts in your paper. To sum up, writing a winning gun control paper can be tricky, as you are required to conduct thorough research on the subject. If you’re having trouble with this assignment, simply place an order on our website, and we’ll provide you with a flawless essay at a really affordable price.