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Imprisonment Nowadays is Not The Solution to Punish All Crimes (711 words, 1 pages)
Does imprisonment lower crime? Most people believe that imprisonment is the most effective way to reduce crime rate. That prisons are the best institutions for confining and punishing people who have been convicted of crimes or people who are awaiting trail. Prisons punish criminals by restricting their freedom. For example, ... Read More
An Essay Identifying Key Factors for Marketing Success on the Example of Strawberry’s Wireless Communications Solution (2587 words, 6 pages)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this essay is to identify the key factors necessary for marketing success suggest an approach for Strawberry's wireless communications solution launching in France. Indeed, mobile email access has been a longstanding challenge for most organizations and people who are always on the go. In order to ... Read More
Hitler’s Ungodly Plan Presented in the Infamous Final Solution (2228 words, 3 pages)
Hitler's Final Solution In the Second World War, Adolph Hitler, the leader of the Nazi regime, had many problems to deal with. To handle the largest of these problems, he came up with his infamous Final Solution. What was his Final Solution, and which problem was it an attempt to ... Read More
Abolishing Racial and Social Classes in the U.S. as the Solution for Maintaining Its Existence (2079 words, 3 pages)
Harmony in the United States In order to survive in the world, the United States must tear down the current racial and social classes. For the entirety of its existence, the United States has discriminated against minorities and the social classes have grown apart slowly. Minorities should fight for their ... Read More
Solutions for the Education Reform in the United States (1196 words, 2 pages)
One of the top priorities on every U.S. president's agenda is education reform. This is the result of a continuing decrease in the quality of education in America. When compared to the rest of the world, the United States simply does not measure up to the educational standards of other ... Read More
Solutions for Preventing Teenage Drug Abuse (739 words, 1 pages)
We all know what word drug means. We have been listening about drugs since we were born and we all are aware of them. We also know what we have to do to prevent kids and younger children. However, it seems and also proved that this is not true and ... Read More
An Essay on Methods of Resolution of Disputes in International Trade Contracts (2924 words, 5 pages)
International trade contracts can give rise to disputes, which need resolution. This can be done through a process of litigation, or arbitration, to mention just two methods. Certain issues however, need to be taken into consideration when using either of the two methods for dispute settlement. Many businesses in recent ... Read More
Fuel Cell as a Solution to the 21st Century’s Energy Problem (1727 words, 3 pages)
Fuel Cells Can a 19th Century Discovery be the Solution for the 21st Century Energy Problem? By Daniel McCarthy Professor Regis P. Beighley Eco 2252 September 30th 2001 McCarthy 1 Fuel Cells Can a 19th Century Discovery be the Solution for the 21st Century Energy Problem? The energy crises of ... Read More
The Lack of Transportation for Campus Students and the Possible Solution of Shuttle Buses (518 words, 1 pages)
A complaint that I most often hear and sympathize with is about the lack of transportation and the walking one must do to get from point A to point B. I think the PSU needs to look in to practical ways from making transportation easier for on and off campus ... Read More
Conflicts and Resolutions in Antigone, a Tragedy by Sophocles (1265 words, 2 pages)
Antigone in a sense is about the evil that good people do. Antigone, a play written by Sophocles in the 5th century B.C., is a play enclosed by conflict and problems. Conflicts are evident from the beginning of the play, to the end. Even before the play has even begun, ... Read More
The Solution to the Drug Problem Is Not to Repeal Drug Laws (3290 words, 5 pages)
Ben Evenchik Legalization Wrong for America "Drugs enslave and take the individual's rights to knowledge and a clear conscience away." -Thomas Liefkowitz Throughout history, various drugs have played a pivotal role in a vast array of cultural practices, both religious and recreational. The Native Americans used to ingest peyote to ... Read More
Environmental Ethics as a Solution to the Environmental Crisis of Today (926 words, 3 pages)
Environmental crises are one of the grave concerns for todays mankind stands at a point in history that is critical in terms of the very nature of the relationship to the natural world. Human activities over the last century have so affected natural world that the environment upon which life ... Read More
The Issue and Solution of Compulsory Voting in the United States Government (409 words, 3 pages)
Compulsory voting refers to the obligation system whereby voters are forced to vote or be at the polling station during the elections day. It is mandatory for any eligible elector to exercise the democratic right of electing a given person for specific posts in the government failure to which punitive ... Read More
The Problem and Solutions for Homesickness in the United States (336 words, 2 pages)
Nowadays, living in USA become a normal thing for forint people. However, people after living in USA for a few months they tend to experience homesick. Also, this is a huge problem for some people that living in USA. To solve this problem, they should contact with their families on ... Read More
The Negative Effects of Television Viewing in Children and Adolescents and the Positive Solutions to Address Some of the Issues (1739 words, 9 pages)
ABSTRACT. This paper will give detailed facts on how the negative effects of television viewing in children and adolescents, such as aggressive behavior, sexual activity, drug and alcohol usage, obesity, negative body image, and poor school performance. In addition to the negative effects this paper will also give positive solutions ... Read More
An Analysis of Peter Singer’s Article The Singer Solution to World Poverty (1001 words, 3 pages)
Between the middle and upper classes there is a side of society that often goes unseen, a side ridden with poverty and misfortune. In The Singer Solution to World Poverty, Peter Singer tells Americans that sacrificing their luxuries, which are comparatively not as important they can prevent many people from ... Read More
An Affordable Energy Solution for an African Rural Area (1374 words, 6 pages)
Design proposalLow cost solution for electricity shortage in African rural areaSocial Problem From the photo of earth at night shot by NASA satellite, we can see that it's blinking in the America, Japan and Western Europe. China and India are also shinning, too. But there's a huge area of darkness ... Read More
Experimenting with an aqueous solution of Sodium Hydroxide and an aqueous solution of Calcium Dichloride (1797 words, 5 pages)
The experiment will focus on the instantaneous reaction between an aqueous solution of Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH, and an aqueous solution of Calcium dichloride, CaCl2. The amount of NaOH will be kept constant throughout the experiment however, the amount of aqueous CaCl2 solution will changed gradually. Initially, NaOH will be in ... Read More
Disadvantages of Learning in Classes with Large Numbers of Students and Recommended Solutions (1433 words, 4 pages)
Since I am a first year college student, unlike the undergrads that are in their second, third, fourth, or fifth years I have one huge problem. I feel as though my creativity is somewhat by the size of some of my classes. Some of my classes I am registered for ... Read More
Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution in My Life Philosophy (633 words, 2 pages)
If I where to chose a single motif for my life I would say that itwould be forgiveness. From a young age my father taught me aboutforgiving others and more importantly choosing your battles wisely.Throughout life we will have many conflicts with other people and it ishow we deal with ... Read More
Education: The Solution to the Problem of Illiteracy in Society (1119 words, 2 pages)
Did you know that 60 million people in the US are illiterate, about one third of the population at the time of Jonathan Kozols publication of The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society. Illiteracy isnt just what is defined in the Websters dictionary as inability to read illiteracy prevents those ... Read More
Organic Agriculture: A Sustainable Solution to the Global Food Supply (1271 words, 7 pages)
Introduction Today, the worlds population has reached to 7 billion citizens and continues to grow while the numbers of farms and farmer are decreasing. The conventional agriculture with high-yield production can only adequate food for the growing human population but it holds too many harmful effects to the environment. That ... Read More
The Problems and Solutions for University Fees in Korea (2129 words, 8 pages)
There used to be a phrase called wugoltop'' (ox bone top). It wasderived from situations where a parent would have to sell their farmingoxen to pay for their children's tuition fee. At that time, an ox wasabsolutely necessary farming tool that a family needed for survival. Along time has passed ... Read More
Performance Enhancement Drugs: A Solution (1614 words, 5 pages)
There are almost three sides to this debate. One is either for, against,or does not care at all about this issue. This debate is about the useof performance enhancement drugs in sports, especially in baseball. JoePosnanski, in his article entitled Cheating and Cheating'', argues hiscase against the use of such ... Read More
School Uniforms: The Solution (1147 words, 4 pages)
A young girl sits along at lunch on her first day in a new school with a broken heart and tears in her eyes from the cruel words of her peers. However, this isnt a new scenario for the young girl. She has been forced to put up an emotional ... Read More
Healthy Resolution Project (720 words, 2 pages)
During the month of March I was given a lifestyle and dietary change. When a person is changing their lifestyle and dietary plan it may be pretty hard to them, because I know it was hard for me. The lifestyle change that I chose was sleeping a lot earlier, especially ... Read More
Education: Solutions to the High Cost of College Tuition (975 words, 4 pages)
One of the biggest problems facing students today is the fact that college expenses such as tuition, books, dorms and other items required to obtain a degree are becoming more expensive each year. Many students find that the little amount of income available is not sufficient to provide a stable ... Read More
Informing and Educating as the Most Probable Solution to Get Rid of Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa (944 words, 3 pages)
Malaria is a very wide-spread disease and affects a large amount of people both young and old. Plans are made and are continuing to be made in eradication of this disease, but cultural beliefs, traditions, and values conflict with these plans currently. The current state of politics, the economy, and ... Read More
Compromise as a Conflict Resolution Strategy (310 words, 2 pages)
Compromising is one direct conflict resolutionstrategy that society teaches children to implement during conflictsresolution, and the tendency where both parties feel they have got theirway by overlooking the conflict. Furthermore focusing blame on eachother, and the thoughts and ideas should also be viewed objectively. Inaddition, it is the prevention of ... Read More
The Direct and Indirect Messages That Society Teaches Children about Conflict Resolution (724 words, 4 pages)
Question, 600 -word on the direct and indirect messages that society teacheschildren about conflict resolution.Conflict resolution processes exist in every society. Children and youngpeople are taught values and practices of conflict resolution by thesociety. Conflict resolution is the implementing strategies to limit thenegative aspects of conflict and to increase the ... Read More
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