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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write a Culture Essay: Complete Guide With Example

How to Start an Essay on Culture

Where humanity is mentioned, culture does not fail to come up. It is something that every human ascribes to or adheres to. When considered as a topic, it is quite wide. It is more like covering the variation of humanity. It includes many sub-topics and more sub-sections. Since it is such a broad topic, a writer ought to embark on serious fact-finding before they write. Many students have been plagued with this type of essay owing to this wide coverage. However, this is not an argument against writing culture essays. They might be broad in scope but they are quite enjoyable. It is crucial to take some time to deliberate on the best type of approach to this essay. Setting some time aside enables you to write an essay that adheres to high standards and most importantly one that is relevant to your audience. You ought to keep your audience hooked to your article by intriguing them and adding their knowledge on the subject. In order to come up with a perfect essay on culture, take heed of the following tips:
  • Undertake deep research on the topic. It is the hallmark of every writer to base their writing on research. It can be disastrous to try to write on something that has no backing in research. The underlying reason as to why writers get stuck at times while writing or struggle to finish writing some content is closely tied to research. The topic may even be quite simple but it poses difficulty due to lack of research. In essence, ensure that research precedes all your writing.
  • Narrow the scope. As earlier mentioned, culture essays are quite broad in scope. It can become involving owing to the heaps of information that revolves around it. Writers, therefore, are tasked to narrow to a few aspects that are of interest to them and focus on them. It ultimately helps them to gather as much specific information about a specific topic without having to deal with volumes of information.
  • Create an Outline. It is a good practice to develop an outline before you start any form of writing. It enhances the writing process by reducing the time spent developing the points that form part of your essay.
  • Determine your thesis statement. One of the most important things of your essay is the thesis. If it’s lacking, then your essay lacks an objective. Some sections of writers prefer coming up with one as they write but it is best to devise one before the actual write-up.
It is common knowledge that starting to write an essay is the hardest task. Once you get started all things fall into place. Provided you follow the set guidelines, you can come up with a blissful essay.

How to Write the Body Paragraphs of a Culture Essay

It is not a new thing to hear people buying essays or seeking writing services. In this dynamic and contemporary world, students could get caught up with a lot of things leaving no time to write even a basic essay. However, some students are just lazy. What every student should know is that writing an essay is not an uphill task. The body section of the essay is the second thing that we will consider. One important aspect that ought to be mentioned with regard to the body section is that it should reflect the thesis statement. The points that are elaborated in the body should support and delve much into the argument that was presented in the introduction. The following guidelines could be considered when writing the body paragraphs:
  • Make use of topic sentences. The first sentence of a paragraph should always have an underlying argument. It should stimulate the reader to read the rest of the paragraph with anticipation. It should also raise some curiosity.
  • Use illustrations and examples. For you to engage and intrigue your audience, you ought to use something that makes them relate to what you’ve written. You can achieve this by using examples and illustrations. It would even make a greater impact when real life illustrations are used instead of random fictional examples. A culture essay should at the very minimum have these examples and illustrations for it to be effective.
  • Give a thorough analysis. Every writer has a duty to their readers to give them the best content. Thus, a writer should ensure that they carry out a comprehensive analysis of facts and information. This will translate into a resourceful essay that is rich in content. It also adds credibility when various external sources are taken into account.

Concluding a Culture Essay

Once you’ve struggled through the body paragraphs of the essay, you can now conclude your essay comfortably. It might sound easy when mentioning it but it poses a challenge to many students. For you to captivate your readers and spur them to a certain action, it is crucial to end your essay strongly. The conclusion is basically a reflection of the whole essay. It provides a summary of what has already been discussed. It serves to give the reader the key take-homes of the essay. Thus, it is imperative to have a conclusion that’s well crafted. The following are guidelines for writing strong conclusions:
  • Ensure that the central arguments of your essay are restated. Restate your thesis statement too
  • Give a succinct summary of the main points. Form correlations and relationships that you want the audience to grasp.
  • Sign off by giving a thought-provoking point. You can also finish off with a prompt. Whatever way you choose to end, ensure that you leave an imprint in the minds of the readers. Make them think about the essay way long after they have finished reading it.
Here’s a sample culture essay outline:

Culture Essay Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Definitions of culture. Give your own too.
    2. Thesis statement. A good thesis can encompass the variation that is present among different people as regards their way of life. It could then go ahead and give an explanation as to how these cultures came about.
  2. Body Section
    1. The real culture
    2. The ideal culture
    3. Learned culture
  3. Conclusion
    1. Restate your premise and thesis.
    2. Summarize each type of culture that was considered
    3. Give the readers what you want them to take home from the essay.

Culture Essay Topics

What are some culture topics that could be considered for your essay? Here are some suggestions:
  • Does culture influence our thoughts and actions?
  • How has modernity affected traditional culture and values?
  • The strategies that should be put to preserve culture.
  • The development and growth of music culture in the US.


You’re now fully equipped to tackle a culture essay, just make use of this guide!