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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write an Essay about Revenge

Students are often assigned to write essays, research papers and other projects on a given topic, including the concept of revenge. While this is quite common, the task can be rather stressful. Having to come up with great, original ideas, especially on a short notice, exasperates students, and more often than not, makes it almost impossible to complete the task successfully and in a timely manner. This article aims at helping you excel at the task of writing an essay on revenge. It will offer you different approaches so that you can choose the one which is best suited to you.

First, you can take a personal approach, use personal experience as the basis for your essay on revenge. That's of course if you are the kind of person who ordinarily takes revenge or even contemplates taking it. If so, you can turn your attention inwards, and consider your feelings in a situation when someone hurts you, brings you harm, or behaves inconsiderately toward you. Maybe you feel angry, frustrated, or misunderstood and you think about taking revenge. Try putting those feelings into words, and you have a great starting point for your essay on revenge. What's more, it's a personal point, original and unique, as it comes from you and you only. If however, you are an especially forgiving person, you may consider thinking of a different way to develop ideas for your essay on revenge.

Literature, as a rule, offers an abundance of ideas. Many great writers have written on topics such as love, hate, intrigue, betrayal, death, and revenge. You could find it useful to read several literary works dealing with these intense emotions in order to write an essay on revenge.

For instance, you are probably familiar with Shakespeare's Hamlet and the attempt to avenge a paternal murder, which takes place in the play. The iconic character comes home to find his father murdered and his mother marrying his uncle. The thought that his uncle killed his father makes him unable to think about anything else other than avenging his father. Can you imagine how Hamlet must have felt? How sad, angry and betrayed he must have been? If you'd like to write a great essay on revenge, try considering all these feelings, walking in Hamlet`s shoes, so to speak.

Here's another thing to consider when writing an essay on revenge: try looking at it from different angles. If at first revenge seems like something negative to you, don`t stop there. Think about a person's reasons and motives for seeking revenge, about possible benefits, if there are any. Only when you have addressed the issue from all sides and angles, will you be able to write an essay on revenge properly.

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