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Living and Studying at Rutgers University (958 words, 3 pages)
At Rutgers University I would like to live in a college dormitory with a roommate because financially this option appears cheaper. For living and studying, the cost per school term may be less than most other housing alternatives, thus, making it a prime financial choice, weighing in at about 7,000 ... Read More
A Journey to My Dream University, Rutgers University (731 words, 2 pages)
Rutgers University is defined as - The history, the birthplace, the center, the insight, the diversity, the vigor, the heart. The Scarlet Knights took their roots nearly 250 years ago. As sighted in its website, Rutgers possess a long and illustrious history, a vibrant academic environment, exciting research programs, big ... Read More
A Personal Belief on How a Rutgers Education Helps in Achieving Personal Enrichment or Career Goals (652 words, 2 pages)
Please use the space below to tell us how you believe a Rutgers educationwill help you achieve your personal enrichment or career goals.Being born and raised in India, I grew up wanting to become a computerscientist. To actually be able to have machines at your disposal, to makethem solve problems, ... Read More
The Most Influential Factors in an Original Decision to Attend Rutgers University (878 words, 2 pages)
Briefly, please indicate the most influential factors in your originaldecision to attend your present college, such as location, cost, size ofstudent body, only option, special program offered, Early Decision plan,etc.The most influential factor in my decision to attend Rutgers University,Newark was its great location. Located in the New York Metropolitan ... Read More
A Proposal for an Online Marketplace for Buying, Selling, and Trading Textbooks for Students of All Three Campuses of Rutgers (6880 words, 18 pages)
Dear Mr. HarelThe Office of Technology Commercialization is known for allowing Rutgers faculty, staff and students a medium for creating change in the Rutgers community. Because the cost of textbooks is rising, Rutgers students have been facing difficulty in buying textbooks. This can lead to students doing poorly in class ... Read More
A Letter of Appliance to Rutgers School (261 words, 1 pages)
I am not a genius. I did not receive a perfect score on my SAT. Nor do I know the reason cows and elephants are the only animals that cant jump. However, what I do know is that out of the thousands of students applying to Rutgers, I am unique. ... Read More
I Want to Join Rutgers (199 words, 1 pages)
As a large school, Rutgers offers numerous majors and opportunities thatI want to take full advantage of. I have declared during my time AtSeton Hall University that I want to purse a medical career path. SetonHall University have provided me with starting tools to start thisjourney, however I believe Rutgers ... Read More
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