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Economic Development, Overpopulation, and Air Pollution in Asia (5337 words, 13 pages)
Increased economic development in Asian cities leads to the massive increase of population growth as results from a rapid and unplanned urbanization (Hopke et al, 2008). Dahiya (2012) presents on her article that urban population in Asia already reached the numbers of 1.65 billion people in 2010, or equal with ... Read More
The Dangers Posed by Rising Temperatures and Chronic Air Pollution in China (4128 words, 15 pages)
Chronic Air Pollution and Rising Temperatures in ChinaThe lucky thing about living in the mid-west is the luxury of having four unique seasons. But I think its safe to say that the winter season has been almost completely absent this year, masking itself as a very prolonged fall season. While ... Read More
The Government Should Take Care of the Air Pollution at the Bronx (1336 words, 4 pages)
When I got on the BX 12 Select Bus Service, I overheard the driver on Fordham Road state, I do not know what I am breathing, but I do know that it is toxic. I agreed with the bus drivers statement. The Fordham Road community is near the South Bronx, ... Read More
The Impact of Air Pollution on Health and Economy (642 words, 2 pages)
Air pollution causes over 5 million premature deaths each year,according to research conducted by the Global Burden of Disease project.The negative health consequences of breathing in high levels of fineparticles in the air has been well-documented. Air pollution has beenlinked due increased risk of heart disease, respiratory illnesses, andcancer. In ... Read More
The Irreversible Health Damage Caused by Air Pollution in the Philippines (698 words, 3 pages)
The Customary International Law and Transboundary Air Pollution Law is the United Nations response to the outgrowing issue of air contamination. This law regulates the emission of carbon and air pollutants of highly industrialized country, particularly in Europe. This includes a transboundary regulation that air pollution is not a countrys ... Read More
The Air Pollution Problem of India (654 words, 2 pages)
With the continuous exposure to air pollution, India is facing problems to a greater extent than ever. The air of Indias capital has turned into poison and set in motion a major public health disaster in the making. While this city may not be the worst the world has, or ... Read More
We Must Push to Decrease Air Pollution to Save Mankind (384 words, 2 pages)
Air pollution is a major issue in many places around the world. As cities become more industrialized, air pollution becomes a more important issue. Long-term exposure to air pollution is correlated with lung cancer and other negative health conditions (Pope et al., 2002). The issue is not something new. In ... Read More
A Research on the Environmental Issue of Air Pollution: Characteristics, Causes, Solution and Prevention (3441 words, 21 pages)
INTRODUCTIONClean air is the foremost requirement to sustain healthy lives of humankind and those supporting ecosystems which in return affect the human being. The air is composed of 99.9 of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and inert gases. Humans are dependent to air. We breathe about 35 lbs. of air per ... Read More
An Analysis of the Ethical Issue of Air Pollution Due to the Emissions of Volkswagen Automobiles (947 words, 5 pages)
Volkswagen Emissions Scandal In September 2015, the publicly owned automobile manufacturer Volkswagen was found in violation of the Clean Air Act by the United States Environment Protection Agency. Volkswagen, is being investigated for manipulating data in order to cover up their lack of economic efficiency. Many VW cars being sold ... Read More
An Overview of a Landfill, the Problem of Air Pollution on Landfills, and the Effects of Plastic Bags on the Environment (654 words, 3 pages)
SustainabilityA landfill can be defined as a structure that is designed carefully and is built on top or on the ground whose primary purpose is to separate trash from the area that surrounds it. The landfills generally contain garbage, and they serve to prevent any form of contamination that may ... Read More
A Discussion on the Issue of Urbanization Increasing Air Pollution in the Yellowstone National Park (829 words, 3 pages)
Urbanization typically has negative effects on natural parks, and nature in general, with trees and sometimes even entire forests being cut down to have houses and buildings built.The world is becoming more urbanized as time goes by, and the majority of people in the world today are urban residents now.Since ... Read More
An Introduction to the Air Pollution Leading to Respiratory Damages in the United States and China (1737 words, 8 pages)
Respiratory Damages and Air Pollution in The U.S. and ChinaThe respiratory system is a series of organs responsible for taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide (, 2016). Out of all the organs, the main organs used are the lungs. The lungs are the breathing center, regulating the air that ... Read More
The Issue and Solution to the Air Pollution in America (1469 words, 6 pages)
IntroductionA long journey starts with a single step. What started four years ago as a journey to prosperity has achieved its mark? How did it go that fast? It appears to me like it was just yesterday when the high school journey was starting. Youve had to wake up at ... Read More
The Main Sources of Air Pollution in India (463 words, 2 pages)
The main sources of air pollution in India and elsewhere are mineral dustand gases, automobiles, thermal power plants and industries. Anycontamination in the air may not only cause many diseases and loss ofvision but can also disturb the whole atmospheric system. Air pollution canalso cause acid rain which damages soil, ... Read More
The Consequences of Air Pollution in the Modern World (633 words, 3 pages)
Increased PollutionIn the last three decades Pollution has become a big issue for the world and requires increased attention from all stakeholders. There are several types of pollution and there is need for sensitization in order to try to avoid or minimize the effects of such pollution. Any form of ... Read More
The Negative Effects of Air Pollution on Humans and Environment (1707 words, 7 pages)
Environmental issues pertain to the entire world and every single person in it. Air pollution is one of the top most important environmental issues that involves everyone in regards to health and the environment around them. Air pollution has brought upon various studies and research to determine what it is, ... Read More
We Need to Fight the Worldwide Issue of Air Pollution (477 words, 2 pages)
For decades, the worldwide facing air pollution problems. Must identify the sources of air pollution and their effects must be faced with effective control to have a clean air.Anything people do that involves burning things will cause air pollution. For example, Power Plants, Automobile Exhausts, and Factories, and those produce ... Read More
An Epidemiological Approach to the Issue of Air Pollution in Los Angeles (589 words, 3 pages)
Research on Air Pollution by Epidemiological Approach This report will discuss the statistics and the state of air pollution in the city of Los Angeles and its effects on people. Air Pollution fundamentally means the release of gases, chemicals, particulate and biological matter in air which causes ecological imbalance and ... Read More
China’s Air Pollution Blamed for Eight Year Old’s Lung Cancer (704 words, 3 pages)
Chinas Air Pollution Blamed for 8-year-olds Lung CancerIf you look at pictures of China today, you will notice a heavy fog around the busiest cities, like Harbin, Beijing, and Jilin. However, this is not fog, the thick gray matter is actually smog, and the air quality is getting worse. One ... Read More
Solutions to Air Pollution Caused by Traffic Jams (1141 words, 2 pages)
Solutions For Air Pollution Caused By Traffic Jams Atmospheric pollution is called one of the greatest environmental dangers oftoday s industrialized world and traffic jams are a major air pollutant factor causedby a tremendous amount of gasoline engines (Dolan 4). From dawn until dusk, thesound of gentle people is lost ... Read More
An Introduction to the Air Pollution Throughout the World (1658 words, 2 pages)
INTRODUCTION Air Pollution, addition of harmful substances to the atmosphere resulting in damage to the environment, human health, and quality of life. One of many forms of pollution, air pollution occurs inside homes, schools, and offices in cities across continents and even globally. Air pollution makes people sick it causes ... Read More
An Introduction to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Air Pollution (1386 words, 2 pages)
EnvironmentDeath of a Planet Air pollution is a very big problem in the United States. A large part of air pollution comes from cars. The Environmental Protection Agency says, "The most polluting activity an average person does everyday is drive their car"(1 factsheet OMS-5). Most people probably aren't aware that ... Read More
Solutions to the Air Pollution Menace in United States (1351 words, 2 pages)
Air pollution is a very big problem in the United States. A large part of air pollution comes from cars. The Environmental Protection Agency says, "The most polluting activity an average person does everyday is drive their car . Most people probably aren't aware that they are polluting the environment. ... Read More
An Introduction to the Problems of Air Pollution (1153 words, 3 pages)
The Problems of Air PollutionProblemWhat causes pollution? What can we do to prevent it, and get rid of it? Is it fair to the children of the future to have to suffer the consequences that pollution causes? Why not take care of the problem now? Factory and business owners have ... Read More
Sourcing Air Pollution and Finding Ways to Minimize It (449 words, 2 pages)
Environment quality research and development-Air PollutionA hundred years ago, a book about air pollution would have attracted very few readers. Those that did read it would have felt that it was just about as important as a book about air traffic control, abortion, or pill. Today when the word pollution ... Read More
The Problem of Air Pollution and Forms of Pollution in the Modern World (3036 words, 4 pages)
Air Pollution is addition of harmful substances to the atmosphere resulting in damage to the environment, human health, and quality of life. One of many forms of pollution, air pollution occurs inside homes, schools, and offices in cities across continents and even globally. Air pollution makes people sick, it causes ... Read More
An Evaluation of the Implication of Environmental Air Pollution on Human Life (1992 words, 7 pages)
Executive Summary An evaluation of the implications of environmental air pollution on human life and the macro, meso and micro level steps being taken to change the current status of air pollution is the purpose of this site. The method of analysis used involved researching the actual hazards of air ... Read More
The Major Causes of Air Pollution in the Modern World (386 words, 1 pages)
AIR POLLUTIONSome causes of air pollution are Smog, Acid Rain and Nuclear Problems. Smog is a word that discribes a mixture of smoke and fog. In some places you are advised to stay indoors when smog is bad. One of these places is Mexico City in Mexico. It has some ... Read More
The Problem of Air Pollution According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (329 words, 1 pages)
Air PollutionAccording to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, driving a car is the single most polluting thing that most of us do. This is not a new problem. In the 1950s the Los Angeles smog made head-line news. Car exhaust causes health problems. There are many solutions to the ... Read More
A In-depth Look at the Sources of Air Pollution in the World (749 words, 2 pages)
ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTIONOur environment is affected by our daily actions. The earth is plagued with land, air and water pollution. Some of the problems we face on earth are deforestation, nuclear waste, acid rain, global warming, overpopulation and some animals are endangered. Air pollution has many different sources. Power-generated plants, oil ... Read More
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