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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

A Breakdown Essay on an Advertisement Writing Guide

An advertisement is a form of recommending a product, service or used to publicize an event. It is, therefore, a way of communication with your intended users of a merchandise or service. Adverts are used to pass messages to sway people who receive them.

How to Write an Excellent Analysis Essay on Advertisement

At the present time, advertising plays a crucial role in our world. Products get advertised on television, billboards, and online pages in all that places that you go. This simple assignment is required by students to undertake to review an advertisement. Advertisement analysis writing is more about writing a review while using a precise format. This type of assignment has some strategies to go about it. Stages of approaching writing an analysis of the advertisement are listed below.

How to Begin

It is important to state in the introduction what the study focuses on. To put your point across as quickly as possible is the whole idea of the analysis. Readers might not be familiar with the product so the writer should not just assume this. Analyzing whether the advertisement presents a brief history and a thorough description of what the product is about therefore is the very first step. Illustrating how a product is superior to other products in the market is what makes an advertisement great. For example, a commercial is produced by a company with the aim of increasing sales
  • An attractive phrase for a spice advertisement “how your man could smell like” could be used to lure the audience to buy the product.
  • Capturing the men’s attention through women is what the spice advertisement is meant to do. A perfect image of what a man should smell like is what the advertisement presents.
  • A sexually themed strategy is used in the advertisement to grab the reader’s attention.

Thesis Instance

A strong message is conveyed in the advertisement about strong personality whereas a man is not only good looking, but he also needs to have confidence by smelling like a real man.

The Procedure of Writing Body Paragraphs

Any advertisement is intended for a particular group of people; an excellent analysis should, therefore, present the targeted audience. It is, therefore, essential for a body paragraph to show the group of people targeted. It should also discuss how the intention presented works to create a good impression. It is vital when writing an advertisement analysis essay to explain how useful and widespread the advertisement is. Define the rhetorical appeals containing logo, pathos, and ethos. These are all ideas that provoke the emotions of the targeted audience to convince them to like the product. An example of the body paragraphs illustrated below: The commercial captivates women more than men. This is crucial because there is no reliance on the beauty of the model and the setting, but instead on the emotional and sensational responses displaying how perfect the men should be exhibited and also in what way the ideal image of a man should be like and how he should smell to attract a wider audience. An attractive man who is physically fit is used in the advertisement. This then gives the product an image that women’s tastes are appealing to men. There is a notion in the advertisement that portrays the emotional need of a man to smell like a real man to attract a woman. A steadfast strategy of sexuality gets used in the advertisement. Other than men and women, there is a broader audience that gets drawn to the advertisement due to its sexual theme. To bring more people to use the product such ideas are the surest way to go about it.

How to Conclude

The next step to take after the review is to wrap up. It gives relevant evidence which supports the claim of the advertisement done. This gets done by reviewing all the key points of the analysis. Conclude by having a summary justifying if the advertisement managed to achieve its objectives. Have a look at an example of a conclusion below: The old spice ad makes a good impression on people. Therefore, it is a success. They make the audience have the confidence to believe that when they smell good can be attractive. By carefully using sex appeal, the advertisement makes it appealing to both men and women. The advertisement stands out by the mix of the right amount of humor as it is not offensive. The men want to use the spice to smell like a real man as they see women get appealed to it. An ideal man presented in the ad is masculine, romantic and good looking. It can, therefore, be termed as a successful advertisement as people’s emotions are aroused making people watch and remember their products.

Example of an Outline

  1. Introduction
    • What is the purpose of the advertisement?
    • Framework summary of the advertisement
    • The history information of the company
    • The theory statement
    • The target audience and the outcome of the advertisement
  2. Main Body Paragraphs
  3. Give evidence of the value of the advertisement on the intended audience
    • Illustrate
    • Show some parts of the advertisement
    • Clarify what are various exceptional tactics used to convince the targeted audience
    • Describe the emotions and principles the advertisement brings out in readers
    • Describe the optical plans
    • Describe the characteristics, logos, and pathos of the advertisement
    • Describe detailed textual strategies as well as tone and diction
  4. Conclusion
    • Justify why the advertisement is successful by outlining the most critical points
    • What are the techniques used to make the product stand out
    • Consider the aim of the advertisement
    • Finalize by giving your opinion


Many students perceive writing an advisement essay as a challenging task because it is a broad field. By following these guidelines, you will be amazed at how smoothly your essay will flow. A study on advertisement can be fun and if you enjoy the lesson, then writing an essay on such topics will become stress-free for you.