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Del Mar Beach: My Favorite Place to Visit (385 words, 2 pages)
Everyone loves to go to the beach with their family. There is a lot of beaches to visit in California. They are usually overcrowded and never clean. Camp Pendleton the military base has a well-kept beach. I really enjoy visiting the beach. That is why my favorite place to visit ... Read More
Coming out of Your Hiding Places and Believing in God (2231 words, 4 pages)
The message of most women's ministries is... Come to Him... LoveHim...Worship Him.. Follow Him. Which, one time, will speak to you? What will you listen to, relate to and make the changes needed to getcloser to Him? We hear the stories of Him passing by in the lives ofothers, we ... Read More
Describing My Workplace (1104 words, 2 pages)
If you were to visit the Magnolia building on BRCC campus inside a room is where I would normally be found. The room has a slightly cold feeling with a dimension look of 20X15 ft area and consists of 4 wide large walls.I want you to start picturing yourself walking ... Read More
Why I Love My Place of Work (473 words, 2 pages)
As I cruise up the vast parking lot, I feel as if it is my driveway. The bright neon-lit sign is similar to a welcome mat greeting me into where I dwell. Even though the massive sign states Roxy, I receive a feeling of belonging as if it is my ... Read More
The Best Place I Ever Took a Picture From (833 words, 3 pages)
It was a Saturday morning, like any other, I was trying to catch up onthe sleep I did not get that night from stay out late. I was hoping toat least get to sleep in until about 9 or 10, but someone was not goingto let that happen. I started ... Read More
A Report on My Workplace, the Wright College Library (529 words, 2 pages)
Wright College library is the place where I work. It is a big library of three levels with over sixty thousands books. It also has a lot of computers and other facilities. Every day, hundreds of students come to the library for studying or to take out books. The books ... Read More
Finding God in an Unexpected Place (670 words, 2 pages)
To what extent did you engagement with the spiritual practices affect or shape your daily life? I have been reading daily devotional and taking piece out of the reading to find God in every day. I feel that Im at a safe place when Im at LTS, but when Im ... Read More
A Discussion on the Issue of Bullying in the Workplace (1363 words, 5 pages)
Over the past decades, society has been struck by a new challenging form of social inequality. Often influenced by gender, age, racial and creedreligious differences, sexual harassment, insecurity and differential work earnings, workplace bullying has taken a silent lead as one of the causes of depression and phobias.The story of ... Read More
My Ideal Relaxing Place (201 words, 1 pages)
People get tired of everyday activities, finding different ways to get over a difficult day is challenging. Sometimes resting isn't enough to recharge and replenish your mind. People often wish they could get away from everything and go to a relaxing place, a paradise, or even a utopia if you ... Read More
The Bible: The Only Place Where You Can Find the Truth (2438 words, 8 pages)
Finding the ultimate truth can be a difficult and a long term task if you do not know where to look. The Bible has all the resources and guidelines to where the truth lies in life. Therefore, teachers should look no further than Gods Word in order to decide how ... Read More
Spotting a Threat in Public Places (391 words, 2 pages)
It is amazing how people around the world react in the same way when they feel insecure. Being threaten is a terrible situation for anyone to experience. Although it is likely that some people physical structure can make others feel very frighten, I claim that not all who look as ... Read More
Turning a Classroom into a Marketplace of Ideas (493 words, 2 pages)
It is a rare opportunity that a student is given a platform to design his or her ideal class. Most college classes are impersonal affairs where an instructor expounds on a topic and only engages with the students in brief pulses to ask questions about specific subjects of interest in ... Read More
Drug Testing in the Workplace: Is It an Infringement of Employees' Privacy (979 words, 3 pages)
In todays world, drug testing in the workplace is a very controversial topic amongst workers and employers. Employers want to have reliable and safe workers, and the employees want to have their privacy and be given trust that they believe to be an essential part of the employeremployee relationship.However, with ... Read More
Reading Places: Comparing the UCLA Powell Library and the West Los Angeles Regional Branch Public Library (2776 words, 9 pages)
Reading was not that common in the last several centuries becausepeople could not afford education or have time dedicated to suchactivity. But as the society progresses, reading has become part ofpeople's daily life. Everyone can read, regardless of one's socialclass, race, age or gender. Because reading has become a widely ... Read More
New York: My Favorite Place to Be (364 words, 1 pages)
Most people say that their favorite place is where they wereborn but I feel the opposite way. I was born, in California,but my favorite place on earth is one of the snowy,windyandbeautiful states of America. Can you guess which state itis? New York is the one. I chose this as ... Read More
My Practicum Placement Classroom Report (3431 words, 6 pages)
The children I observed were at the high school level. I observed three different instructors and saw both 9th and 11th grade English instruction. The first instructor I observed was a female who taught ninth grade English. In the first class I observed there were about eighteen children. Seven of ... Read More
Leadership in the Workplace and How It Has Been Shaped by the Increasing Influence of Globalization (535 words, 1 pages)
Leadership is a quality that is required by anyone who aims to excel intheir respective fields. Every organization needs leaders at variouslevels in order to succeed. In my opinion, a leader is not necessarilysomeone who holds a managerial position. It can be anyone in a group whocan be example for ... Read More
My Favorite Place to Be (270 words, 1 pages)
My favorite place to be has to let me escape off to different place and time. It must allow me to find peace, lets me be creative, comfortable, has to have entertaining things to do, has to have comfort that makes me feel happy, of course is close by and ... Read More
Why St. Paul the Apostle School Is Such an Awesome Place to Learn from (144 words, 1 pages)
St. Paul the Apostle School has served the Dallas community for over fifty years. There are numerous reasons why St. Paul is such an awesome school, like the environment, the education, and the church.Saint Paul is one of the friendliest places I know! The staff is always friendly and they ... Read More
Evaluation of Placement Scores (566 words, 2 pages)
Standing with my fingers crossed, arms folded, and eyes on the clock, I waited in line as the numbers were slowly being called to the front desk of the University of Guam Admissions Records Office. I stood there, hoping and praying that by the time they called my number, Id ... Read More
My Favorite Place: My Grandma's House (562 words, 2 pages)
I'm going to announce my favorite place which is my Grandma's House. I love going there, even though she has an extended drive way. I love my Grandma's house because it's out in the country. Her house is sizable and pale blue with white shudders. I enjoy her house, so ... Read More
Why Smoking in Public Places Should Be Banned (447 words, 2 pages)
Smoking is an extremely addictive habit that studies have shown to cause severe health problems. Not only can smoking be harmful to the smoker, but it can also affect others who inhale the smoke secondhand. Secondhand smoke is harmful to people with asthma, bad allergies, and other respiratory related afflictions. ... Read More
The Place Where I Feel at Home: My High School (781 words, 2 pages)
Where is the place that you forget all you worries, relief all your stress and feel safe from all upsetting things? Home is where you can go to feel all that. In home you have your family that you can share your problems and every thing you want to share. ... Read More
The Importance of Learning How to Manage Stress in the Workplace (593 words, 2 pages)
When we were kids, becoming an adult seemed to always be on our minds. Little did we know that adult life wouldnt be as glamorous as we expected. Work seems so consume our lives a lot of times and leaves us little time to enjoy being an adult. With so ... Read More
Caught Between Russia and a Hard Place (336 words, 1 pages)
On March 22nd, 2013, CNN had reported that once again, a financial issue has erupted in Europe. This time, the financial instability is in Cyprus. Unfortunately, the lawmakers in Cyprus had vetoed a confiscatory tax on bank payments. If they had not rejected the tax payment, the country received a ... Read More
Pediatric Pain Distraction During IV Placement (648 words, 3 pages)
Virtual reality is a computer-simulator that may be a valuable tool for decreasing pain, and reducing anxiety for children having medical procedures. A computer simulator allows the children to interact with the computer, patients can visualize imaginary environments and this distraction could lead to less painful medical procedures. To determine ... Read More
Disadvantages Placed on Women (353 words, 2 pages)
The prejudice beliefs people accept in this country due to a persons sex is a topic that I feel is how I would like my Semester paper to discuss. Getting in-depth on the beliefs both men and women hold about the opposite sex. Why do men believe women should stay ... Read More
Evolution of Work Teams and Its Impact on an Individual’s Values in the Workplace Today (3858 words, 14 pages)
Organizations strive to encourage diversity within the workplace. Diversity often is thought to include generation differences commonly when this term is used people often think of raceethnicity, gender to name a few. Age should also be considered when encouraging diversity within the workplace, especially when the organization is seeking to ... Read More
Product Placement in the 1930s (1598 words, 5 pages)
As a journalist with an emphasis in strategic communication, I wantedto direct my research paper on a topic that would be relevant towards mymajor. Hollywood films were not only a means of escapism for consumersof the Great Depression, but motion pictures also created trends thatsociety would imitate in their everyday ... Read More
Violence In The Workplace (1924 words, 4 pages)
Violence in the workplace has become a growing problem in recent yearsThe American workplace has become a battle ground. Each year thousands of workers fall victim to workplace violence, or are at least threatened with acts of violence. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)Workplace violence has emerged ... Read More
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