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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Definition of Success Essay Example

One time, I came across a book that centered on three ladies who were close friends since they were children. They then went their separate ways after completing secondary school, each charting their paths. One got hitched and turned out to be a stay at home wife, one a medical practitioner and the last one chose to enroll with the Peace Corps. These women figured out what they wanted to do with their lives and were happy. They all felt that they had reached a certain level of success in their lives. Success implies accomplishment, achievement and victory. According to, success can be defined as achieving something that you had yearned for or tried; achieving fame or prosperity. Alternatively, Hypertext Webster Gateway describes success as "The ideal completion of anything you’ve made an attempt at; the realization of a proposed project." These are simply dictionary definitions. One requires instances and examples to comprehend what success means fully. For a long time, most people have believed that success is merely achieving fame and amassing a lot of wealth. While it might be true, success includes every kind of prosperity. Fame and wealth are just but some of them. The reason as to why many people see fame and wealth as the model of success is on account of them mostly coming to individuals who have toiled for a long time. Generally, to be successful, one needs to have put in a lot of effort. One Bob Brown once proclaimed that behind each successful person there are plenty of unproductive years. According to Colin Powell, success has no secrets. It comes as a result of diligent work, preparation and learning from failure. You have to put in a lot of effort to achieve any level of success. Eventually, it will be worth your while. Moreover, success is one thing that is seen differently by each person. This is because success implies accomplishing something you have for the longest time desired to do, being where you have wanted to be. If for instance a man’s objective is to get hitched to a good spouse and have children eventually, and he achieves that, at that point, he could see himself as having succeeded. Success merely means being content with what you are doing in your life. According to John R. Amos, success is excelling in what you love doing and not being concerned about what others will do. Just like in the book highlighted at the beginning of this essay, every woman had succeeded, despite the fact that they had accomplished something completely different with their lives. Most times, you can experience success after accomplishing a short-term goal. For instance, one can experience success after finishing a particular project at school or work. An individual’s life is typically full of numerous little triumphs. Success ranges from getting a good grade in an exam to graduating from secondary school to becoming the CEO of a renowned company. Success comes in different sizes. Basically, success happens in numerous forms and has various meanings. It incorporates being happy with yourself and being where you want to be in life. It likewise implies completing something that you have worked hard for. In life, we are exposed to various challenges and problems, and it is only when such barriers are dealt with will an individual be able to be successful. Success will never be achieved by being idle, and this simply means that it is essential to put more effort to enhance the chances of succeeding in life. Starting from the time when a person is still young, hard work has always been emphasized. Parents usually tell their children to avoid laziness to excel in their studies. Research has revealed that students who work hard are likely to excel in both their studies and also extracurricular activities. Thus, struggling is one of the critical elements used to differentiate between a successful individual and a failure. In conclusion, success is happiness and prosperousness that comes after putting in so effort into something. There has to be some effort or toiling involved for one to reap the benefits later on. As the saying goes, ‘no pain no gain.'