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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How To Write a Heroes Essay Example

Being a Hero: What Does it Mean and What it Takes

We frequently refer to imaginary characters that possess superhuman abilities as heroes. In addition to that, army troopers, firefighters or people who volunteer for risky activities are also frequently referred to heroes. However, there is still the question of what it truly means to be a hero. Is physical fortitude a necessary quality that any hero needs to possess? Or are there also other significant features that turn a person into a hero? As per the definition provided by an online dictionary we’ve come across, a hero represents an individual who enjoys a high degree of admiration due to his incredible or courageous actions or outstanding capabilities. Does this imply that we can regard people who possess extraordinary individual features and can stimulate us and impact the world around us as heroes? We believe that the answer is yes. We can define any person who is worthy of our admiration as a hero. This person can either be a real, or an imaginary one. A hero can also be a personage we meet on a daily basis or someone we have only encountered a single time. To become a hero, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man, a woman, a child, or an adult. During childhood, everyone looks up to heroes like Superman or Batman. Afterward, we regard our parents, grandparents, siblings and even our pets as heroes. As we grow older and more experienced, our understanding of the term of hero evolves. Eventually, we begin to believe that heroes are everywhere around us. Parents who make personal sacrifices to make a better life for their kids, people who adopt orphans, people who donate organs to save the lives of those they care about, children who put their personal development on pause to tend to their parents who suffer from illnesses, persons who give up their hopes and dreams to help the people they love, terminally ill people who keep on struggling to stay alive, – all of these represent accurate examples of heroes. We are encouraged and stimulated by those heroes around us. They can perform a lot of distinct actions that motivate and encourage us to do things better. They stimulate us to discover and expand on our most valuable features and use our experience to help others. This influence is essential to discovering our inner powers and shedding light on our most distinguished features. When we hear about the exploits of Red Cross volunteers, the risks they expose themselves to and their incredible bravery, we place them in high regard, which motivates us to come to the aid of other people. We may decide to enlist ourselves in distinct organizations and actively volunteer, whether for safeguarding our environment, saving stray animals or battling corruption. Heroes stimulate us to channel our resources and do something to change the world for the better. In addition to rescuing us, heroes also aid us in rescuing ourselves. Heroes are known to change the world around them. They enjoy the sensation of aiding others and never refuse to be helpful or compassionate. Such people make sacrifices that benefit those around them, regardless of their magnitude. In a lot of situations, heroes are not ready for the events they are about to go through. Nevertheless, they never fail to make the right choice, no matter how hard or puzzling the specific situation is. This constitutes the primary motive for which they enjoy admiration, acknowledgment, and assistance in their future endeavors. Everyone can become a hero for another person. This isn’t something hard to accomplish – merely offer help to a person who needs it, protects ethical values, is trustworthy and compassionate, volunteer for useful actions, do everything in your power to achieve your targets and always listen to your heart! Perhaps, one day you will also be referred to as a hero. There is the most impressive number of heroes in our world than we believe. To discover these persons, merely look amongst your family, friends or other acquaintances. You’ll come to realize that there are a lot of people who sacrifice things they care about to help others, fight with bravery against the cruel realities of today, never give up on their kindness when overcoming provocations, and are always willing to give a hand to those in need. In a lot of situations, we aren’t even aware of the fantastic exploits of such people, as heroes don’t enjoy bragging about their deeds. Look around you, and you’re bound to meet someone who deserves being called a hero! In case after reading this example you still require help with writing an essay on the topic of heroes, just get in touch with our expert academic writers, and we’ll write your paper for you in no time! Place an order for an essay here, and you’ll be able to rest easy!