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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write Interview Essay: Tips and Example

To get somewhere in life, one ought to fully grasp the importance of an interview! Whether you are required to write an interview paper to get admitted to the university you wish to go to or to apply for your dream job, this is a crucial step! It is of pivotal importance to take advantage of any aspect that can make your essay truly stand out. Perhaps the best example of a flawless interview essay that we can mention is Larry Ellison’s revelations. For instance, the fact that he grew up without a father or a home drew a lot of attention to Oracle. Words can be an incredibly useful tool! If you are in a pickle when it comes to writing your interview essay or carrying out the necessary research, simply hire our custom writers, who will be happy to offer you assistance! If you wish to learn about the five distinct methods of writing a paper for an interview, read on.

Five Instances of Interview Essay: Select the One You Need

While there are various forms of interview essays, we’ll only discuss five of them in this article.

Narrative Interview Paper

To write a narrative interview essay, you need to rephrase the dialogue of the interview and convert it to 1st person/3rd person speech. To properly record historical and societal/cultural aspects, you need to write things down throughout the entire interview process. A talented writer knows how to grab the readers' attention by turning an ordinary conversation into a “savory” narrative interview paper. Here’s what you have to do to write a winning interview essay:
  1. Carry out an investigation to select the questions.
  2. Transcribe the dialogue.
  3. Convert the speech transcription into the 1st person narrative.
Most professors claim that a narrative interview essay should be made of about 500 words. As such, you ought to pay attention to the word count. Ultimately, in addition to the rough outline of the interview, you also need to have a list of questions. Here are a few examples of narrative interview essays: “The early and adult life of …," “The advice of his father," “Growing up with 6 brothers”, “His successful matrimony," etc.

Career Interview Paper

This type of interview essay works best when you want to apply for a job. Provided that you do it right, chances are you will get the offer! Rather than simply submitting an ordinary CV and/or a cover letter, it would be a better idea to write a story, as this demonstrates creativity. The following questions can be of great help in collecting the required data:
  • What are the exceptional characteristics of the job/university candidate and which of them does your interview subject possess?
  • Does this individual have any distinctive expertise, abilities or academic background that distinguishes them from the rest of the applicants?
  • What is the list of individual goals, periods of time, attributes, places, social statuses, as well as different aspects that define the individual?
If you wish to attend a good university and need to deliver a winning college entrance paper, it would be a particularly useful idea to use a career interview essay to respond to the questions mentioned above. Here are a few examples of career interview essays: “What makes me the finest applicant for …?”, “What my vocational targets are," “My accomplishments in the sphere of …” etc.

College Entrance Essay

This type of essay is very similar to a career interview: an applicant is required to provide information regarding their life principles, convictions, goals, abilities, expertise as well as experience. The only aspect that makes a college entrance paper different from a career interview is the fact that the candidate’s goal is to catch the interest of a college admission board rather than attempting to obtain a job. Submitting this type of essay instead of attending an interview is a pretty common occurrence in universities. Here is how the title of a college entrance essay might look like: “Why my individual thoughts are compatible with the principles of Yale University."
Leadership PaperNext, we’ll tell you of an excellent way to write a leadership paper that sheds light on distinct types of leadership skills and presents important data on what needs to be done to attain a leadership position. First, create a list of relevant questions. This list has to be based on the same issues expert reporters use when interviewing important figures. We advise you to study distinct leadership tests as well as their explanations, as this type of material contains a great deal of precious data. It may be a good idea to include a couple of helpful questions that were used in other job interviews or studies. Here are a couple of good examples of leadership interview papers: “How Bill Gates gathered his fortune," “What made Julius Caesar a great conqueror," “Chief Executive Officer of my firm," “How I succeeded in becoming a leader in one month," etc.

Personal Interview Essay

To write a personal interview essay, one needs to engage in a live discussion with their respondent. This must be done in a peaceful, quiet room. The paper inspired by the questions and answers from the interview must be devoid of any investigative work. Moreover, you should avoid including your own thoughts. The purpose of this essay type is to present your respondent to the audience. This presentation should be based on the data you've acquired during the interview. Keep in mind that this paper needs to contain arguments that substantiate your opinion in what concerns the individual’s superiority. You should try asking questions you don’t have a definite opinion of, and see if your perspective after the interview stays the same. A personal interview essay questions list may include any ideas originating from an interview. If this is too much information, and you have no idea how to proceed, simply purchase an essay from our expert writing service!

Writing an Interview Paper: the Structure

The formatting style of an interview essay is the next aspect that we have to approach. This type of essay needs to be formatted in accord with the current norms for academic papers (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) Make sure you spend enough time on getting familiar with these formatting styles. This will ultimately ensure your success! Remember that the way you cite words of the interviewee's words, as well as the way you organize the citations in the References section, can affect the overall quality of your essay (and its grade if you are writing for the academe). Formatting your interview paper is one of the grading criteria, so you shouldn’t take this lightly! One cannot possibly write a winning essay unless they devise a well-structured paper draft first. Taking into consideration that the outline is standardized, read on to find out how to draft the paper.


At this point, you should consider adding a compelling hook to catch the audience’s eye from the very start. Great hook sentences may include anecdotes/funny stories, figures of speech, citations, study findings, etc. The manner in which you start the essay can be decisive to whether or not the target audience will keep reading further. The thesis statement is a crucial element of any essay and needs to include the most important data regarding your subject. Mention the name of the interviewee, their designation or rank and point out the reasons why you chose this person. Stress out the most important aspects you wish to convey to the audience.


The structure is the same as that of any 5-paragraph paper. Each of the body paragraphs needs to include an important idea expressed in the paragraph primary. Traditionally, this is the first, the opening sentence of any main body paragraph. Make sure to have at least three major ideas in any given paper. These are thoughts you will be conveying to your audience. Mention the reasons why the interviewee’s views on the subject are meaningful.


In the final paragraph, sum up the primary arguments. In addition to that, add a couple of comments regarding the interviewee and the dialogue. Creating a story based on an interview is not an easy task. If you still don’t know what to do, get in touch with our professional essay writing service, and we’ll be able to offer you a flawless interview essay written from scratch. Order an academic paper here, and we’ll deliver it to you in a surprisingly short time!