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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

National Honor Society Essay – How to Do It Properly

Every now and then, some students are requested to write a national honor society essay. While to some this task might seem like a piece of cake, to others it’s more like a burden, as there are so many aspects that need to be considered when writing it. The main purpose of this type of essay is to help students obtain memberships into the prestigious National Honor Society, which will provide them assistance and guidance further on when applying for various types of scholarships. The better written and stronger your essay is, the more chances you have to obtain membership. The truth is writing a national honor society essay can be overwhelming and highly challenging work, but in the end, you will realize that all that time and energy invested in it will be worth it. To give you some help, here’s a sample of a national honor society essay you can use as a guidance. You’ll also find some tips down below, so make sure you read this through till the very end.

National honor society essay example

I have been chosen by my teachers along with other leaders to candidate for membership in the National Honor Society and I couldn’t be more honored to do this. This is proof that all my hard work and dedication were seen and that my goal to demonstrate my willingness and dedication to serve the community was finally achieved. What recommends me in becoming a valuable member of this society is my hard-working character, my positive and trustworthy attitude and a series of other qualities, such as leadership, scholarship and service abilities, all of which are representative to every NHS member. My academic achievements are proof that I am not only a hard-working person, but also an ambitious and determined one. Obtaining the NHS membership will mean that I have made another step towards achieving success and cherishing the opportunities of becoming the role-model and leader people want to see and have. In many occasions I have demonstrated not only to my teachers, but to myself as well that if I believe strong enough in my dreams, I can eventually make them come true. One of these dreams is to have the great honor of being admitted in the National Honor Society and obtaining the membership. While I was a high school student, I have been participating in all honors courses, and while I was an elementary student, I have been involved in a series of academic competitions, including the Academic Challenge in the 7th and 8th grade, where along with my team from back then, we managed to score the first place.
Apart from actively participating in all major competitions and dedicating a great part of my time studying, I also have an important role in my school. Since the first grades I have had the chance to prove and develop my organizational and leadership skills as I was enrolled in my school sports team and managed to win together numerous competitions. My school is one of the most important places for me because here I have the chance to express myself and for my leadership qualities to be truly valued. I was often proposed head of various activities, including organizing different trips and also types of shows, or staging plays. As a leader, I believe I have the greatest opportunity to develop myself, especially since I am surrounded by reliable and worthy people who see me as a true leader. I believe that my personal traits are the ones that aid me gain respect and trust of my teachers and my peers, as they find me a positive, reliable and, most importantly, open-minded person. My leadership experience, which is beyond compare, has helped me in many situations and taught me how to solve all sorts of conflicts and problems, thus making me ready to face any challenges, no matter how complicated they seem. I believe that all these skills mentioned above prove to be useful not only within school area, but also in the community, where I try to get involved as much as possible. For instance, there’s already a tradition that me and my parents have that each year we visit all hospitals in the area and offer patients various small gifts or flowers and spend some quality time with them. We’ve been doing this since I was a little child and I am sure that I will stick to this custom even after I will have my own family. Being part of a community doesn’t simply imply to exist, but also to get involved and help people in that community as much as possible. I find this a duty that every member should take responsibility of. Being an example for others, as I do myself, means a lot and I believe that more and more people will do the same in the near future. My abilities and skills are the things that recommend me the most. By becoming a member of the National Honor Society, I will be able to help the community more effectively and efficiently, not to mention that this experience will also help me in developing my organizational and leadership skills even more, as well as in acquiring new skills.

Some useful writing tips

As you can see, the above essay underlines the main traits that define a student, the experiences that influenced him or her the most and how he or she wants to contribute to the community later on. The most important aspect of a national honor society essay is to be true to yourself, to be honest and to say only relevant things that will make the ones reading your essay want to have you as a member.