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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Purpose Of Education Essay Example

The world is full of educated and successful people, often run by these kinds of people. Education allows people to empower themselves and become successful in life, so it is highly important for everybody. Learning starts from birth and continues up through to the end of adult life, usually through high school it serves the purpose of preparing one for college or the outside world. It grants us with skills that we can take and use to our advantage in obtaining employment or for understanding the world around us. During the years of high school, students will be taught by teachers, role models and other members of staff to prepare them ready for the outside environment. Formal education often starts around about the age of three and continues up until 18 on average, though some people like professors never stop learning by nature of their job. If you think about the college, there is a lot to consider and a lot of preparation prior to attending. Where are you going to go? What are you going to study? How are you going to pay for it? How are you going to apply? These are all questions which bear great consideration. Education role helps prepare students to answer these questions so that they can attend the college they want and continue learning the subject that they are passionate about. If one is not keen on attending College, education can prepare a person for other employment. In this day and age, there are so many ways that one can work, not all of them requiring a college education, although it would certainly help one’s chances to have one. After completing College, education does not stop. One key purpose of learning is to prepare people for the future and who says that the tomorrow stops once College has finished? You could be a 70-year-old retired policeman who feels like learning about philosophy because it will broaden horizons and give a new outlook on life. People have been known to change careers at the age of 40, wanting to study and fulfill something completely different in their lives. Education needn’t be only about a career either. When you were just a little kid, your parents may have told you to sit up straight at the table or not to burp after finishing food - what does this education have to do with a career? Education serves the purpose of teaching people about core values so that they can function in society as best they can. Ethics and morals will give person virtues they can take through any walks of life, whether they want to live a solitary life in the mountains or whether they want to become a big time investment banking working in the city. No matter what kind of education a person receives, it is always evolving throughout the life, getting them ready for even more learning. The application of education systems is so vast and, yet so important in one's life. If a person knows nothing, he or she will struggle to survive in this world and may find it rather a dull existence. Brighten up your life with education and live to tell the tale of a fulfilling and prosperous life.