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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

How to Write an Advertisement Analysis Essay: Tips and Example

It is without any doubt that advertising exerts a significant influence on the people of today. No matter where you travel to, you’ll come across many advertisements, such as TV ads, internet ads, or billboards. Nowadays, one of the most recurring tasks students receive is that of writing an advertisement analysis essay. Analyzing an advertisement usually involves evaluating and assessing this advertisement and reviewing your experience with it. In doing so, the student needs to use a particular structure. There are various ways in which one can approach this kind of academic paper. In this article, we’ll discuss every particular phase entailed by the process of devising an advertisement analysis essay.

How to commence your advertisement analysis essay

As you start writing your introductory paragraph, it is essential to mention the elements on which your assessment essay will concentrate. As a piece of advice, make sure you do this as soon as you can. Steer clear of any assumptions as to whether or not your audience is already aware of the product or service that the advertisement is about. To avoid making such assumptions, the primary phase of your advertisement analysis essay is to establish whether or not the ad showcases a succinct history as well as a comprehensive presentation of the item, the situations where a customer may need it, and the possible problems that it solves. An adequate commercial must highlight how the item is better than similar articles that one can buy. For instance, it goes without saying that the primary objective of an advertisement is that of multiplying sales.
  • In a commercial for a deodorant, the sentence “this is how a real man smells like” constitutes a catchy slogan that has the purpose of tempting consumers to buy that particular article.
  • This commercial has the purpose of catching the interest of the male population by appealing to their sense of masculinity. The ad showcases a perfect idea regarding how a man ought to smell like.
  • The commercial employs a sexual theme to catch the interest of the target audience.

Example of a proper thesis statement

The commercial transmits a powerful message regarding masculinity as well as the way in which a man can gain confidence from a masculine smell. The ad appeals to men’s desire of being liked by the ladies to make men want to buy the deodorant.

How to devise the body

Any commercial aims at a particular segment of the population. As such, an adequate advertisement analysis essay ought to indicate the particular audience for which the commercial is designed. In the body section, you ought to explicitly state the variety of individuals for whom the ad is meant. Moreover, it should also indicate how the advertisement has the potential of impressing the audience. When analyzing a commercial, make sure you explain the level of efficiency and popularity of the ad. Discuss the particular stylistic appeals, like pathos, ethos, and logos, that one can identify. These elements represent notions that stimulate feelings amidst the targeted segment of the population. Their purpose is that of persuading the audience to buy the article. Here is a useful example of the body of an advertisement analysis essay:
This ad attempts to attract the male audience by referring to their sense of masculinity. This idea is significant because rather than relying on the features of the product or the environment, it stems from evident affective reactions. Such reactions emerge from the manner in which the commercial showcases the way in which masculine individuals ought to be exhibiting the perfect image of a man. This perfect idea of how a man ought to act and how he ought to smell like appeals to a broader segment of the consumers.The commercial used an appealing male individual who appeared to be in perfect physical shape. This way, their article was associated with something that most people would regard as the ideal image of a male. The ad also broadcasts the idea that an individual who smells like a real man is well-liked by women. It uses an effective tactic that relies on sexuality. Ads that feature an omnipotent sexual theme also attract a broader segment of the population, in addition to tempting both male and female consumers. Using such underlying motifs represents the best manner of appealing to a broader number of consumers and has the ultimate purpose of making individuals purchase the article.
The conclusion phase Once you finish reviewing the commercial and providing adequate proof to substantiate your statements, you need to move on to the next and last phase, namely the conclusion of your advertisement analysis essay. Your conclusion has the purpose of summing up the entire paper by reiterating the essential ideas of your assessment. When concluding your essay, you ought to provide a succinct summary that explains whether or not the commercial has attained its targets. For you to have a better idea, take a look at the following example of a flawlessly written advertisement analysis essay conclusion. This advertisement has high potential because it leaves a long-lasting impression on the target audience by conveying the idea that a pleasant smell can be sexy and alluring. The commercial attentively utilizes a sexual theme. By doing so, it appeals to both the male and the female segment of the populations. By adding an adequate level of humor, the advertisement is quite original and does not offend. After watching this commercial, men want to buy the product to have a masculine smell. The ad showcases the perfect image of a male as physically fit, healthy, and sentimental. If a commercial has what it takes to stimulate people’s feelings and those who see it want to purchase the product immediately, then it is undoubtedly a success.

The structure of an advertisement analysis essay

  1. Introduction:
    1. Mention the purpose of the commercial
    2. Sum up the background of the ad
    3. Offer a couple of details regarding the firm that made the advertisement
    4. Write the thesis assertion
    5. Discuss the impact of the commercial as well as the targeted segment of the population.
  2. Body:
    1. Offer proof regarding the efficiency of the advertisement
    2. Provide instances
    3. Illustrate distinct elements of the ad
    4. Provide explanations regarding the exceptional tactics of persuasion used
    5. Discuss the feelings the commercial instills in the audience
    6. Discuss the emotional appeals
    7. Discuss the textual tactics, like the wording or the tonality.
  3. Conclusion:
    1. Illustrate the key ideas and explain the reasons for which the commercial accomplishes the desired target
    2. Indicate the strategies used to make the article seem exceptional
    3. Review the objective of the commercial
    4. State your personal thoughts.