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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Who Am I Essay: Writing Guide with Example

I’ve often spent several minutes (sometimes even hours) wondering who I am and what exactly the things that define me as a person are. Do they have anything to do with my character, or my parents? Or maybe it’s the way I dress that has an impact on myself? Does my career influence me in any way? Or maybe I’ve been doing everything wrong the whole time and instead of looking for multiple answers to multiple questions, I tried to find one important question and try to answer it. Anyway, I don’t believe that one can come up with a bullet point list of exact things and that those are the solely things that define that person, my case too. I like to think that, compared to some of my friends, I am an easy person for others to get along with. I like to maintain my positive thinking and to contaminate others with my good energy. I am on the opinion that having a negative thinking will only attract negative things towards you, thus making you not only unhappy, but also less productive at work, less sociable when going out with friends and less fun. Even if I receive criticism every now and then, I don’t take it personally, but on the contrary, I am always looking to extract something good from it and use it to my advantage later on, thus becoming better at what I do and as a person. For as much as I can, I try not to judge people for the decisions or choices they make in their lives or for their beliefs, be them religious, cultural or of any other origin. I think that treating everyone with respect that you yourself would like to be treated with will only bring you benefits. And that’s what I do on a daily basis – I treat everyone with the utmost respect. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make me a pushover in any way. If I feel that the way you treat me doesn’t correspond to the way I treat you, I will completely change the way I act in front of you. I can’t stand neither fools, nor people who are trying to take advantage of me in any way, and to those persons I am willing to show a completely different version of me! But I tend to believe this is something that most people do though, so maybe this doesn’t make me a freak after all.
I am a very shy person and there are moments when I feel more than awkward when I am surrounded by people, especially by those who I don’t know. Even though I can be a very good friend that others can rely on, I am incredibly shy with strangers. I think of myself as that type of person who stands back in a corner, observes people and only then decides whether or not to join the group and befriend with those strangers. Reflecting on this subject now, I believe this is the main reason why so many people label me wrongly in the beginning as an antisocial person, but I know that this couldn’t be any further from the truth. I don’t like being alone at all. I love being surrounded by friends and other people, it’s just that I can’t get over an imaginary barrier at the beginning that doesn’t allow me to show the social version of myself. More often than not I felt the need to make other people understand this aspect, because I believe that this shyness has made me lose a bunch of potential friendships. Even so, I believe that those who have the patience and time to get to truly know how I am as a person are the types of people I should actually befriend with. You will only get to see the real me the moment I get to know you first. As soon as I feel comfortable with a person and include them on my friends list, that person will see a different me. One that is not only social, but also funny, reliable and honest. The real person inside me. The person who you can stay with up to 3 am in the morning talking about every possible stupid thing, the one who will make you laugh with the most sarcastic jokes, and at the same time, the one who is supportive and reliable to those that I most care about. It is said that every coin has two sides and I believe that sums up who I am pretty well. I can be both a sociable and outgoing person and an awkward and incredibly shy person. It’s your choice whether or not you have patience to get to know the true me. Overall, I believe that there are many aspects that combined define the person I am. It’s not just how my parents raised me, or my job, my friends or what I do on a daily basis in my spare time. It’s all these things combined which make me a unique individual.