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War Machines: Weapons Invented During the Civil War (429 words, 2 pages)
Civil war was the first modern war. The technology used during the civil war was different types of weapons, telegraphs, photography, tin cans and the rail roads which would determine the outcome of the war.At the begging of the war the average soldier on the fields would use a gun ... Read More
The Vietnam War versus Iraq War (607 words, 2 pages)
The war in Vietnam and the war in Iraq differ in many ways. In this essay I am going to compare the Vietnam War with the war in Iraq describing how the war in Vietnam varies from the war in Iraq. Three ways the two wars differ are the reason ... Read More
History of Lake Tahoe (1614 words, 6 pages)
Lake Tahoe has always interested me and I decided to do my exploration project on this lake. I found information on every aspect of the Lake Tahoe. The people I have interviewed are those who know about the lake and people who live near the lake. My goal of this ... Read More
History of Affirmative Action (687 words, 2 pages)
The United States Supreme Court acknowledged the separate but equal statement of the Equal Protection Clause from Plessey vs. Ferguson in 1896 however, the Supreme Court disregarded equality among public schools, as segregation schools were established. Affirmative action is a constitutional right giving each citizen equal rights and opportunities. However, ... Read More
The Mission and Objectives of Gilliam Youth Services Center (2195 words, 7 pages)
"By modeling excellence and through restorative principles, we teachyouth to become responsible productive citizens and repair harm whilekeeping the community safe." This is the mission statement that is hung upthroughout Gilliam. The Summer of Violence in Denver, Colorado had a majorrole and development in the reconstruction of Gilliam Youth ServicesCenter. ... Read More
North Korea (2020 words, 6 pages)
There are things that true. One cannot imagine being real, events that only occur in novels. But these stories are still. The place where they are true is called North Korea which is last socialist country on this Earth. This country w asestablished by Kim Ill Sung and is now ... Read More
French Indian War (1611 words, 6 pages)
The 18th century was a very turbulent period which hosted important historical events. It was an era associated with the colonialist era and its progression to the end power aquistion of land and prosperous trade were the things that were most sought after and great lengths were taken to guarantee ... Read More
Mikhail Gorbachev (1209 words, 5 pages)
When Gorbachev began his time as General Secretary of the Soviet Unionhe was young in comparison to his predecessors. The General Secretarieswho came before him all inherited the position very late in age, onlybeing able to hold the title for a few short years before passing away. Finally it was ... Read More
Cell Phone Use By Gender (1973 words, 7 pages)
Cell phones are becoming a necessity in everyday life for many people throughout the world. Having the ability to keep in touch with family, work, and email are just some of the many reasons why cell phones are now more important than ever. In today's society, technology has been producing ... Read More
The History of Prisons in America (1333 words, 6 pages)
The history of prison in American started from in the 17th century and 18th century beginning with Pennsylvania and Auburn system. There are nine stages of prisons of development to where we are now. j Who are the citizens in our prisons today? There are many different types of programs ... Read More
How Technology Has Impacted Lives (679 words, 2 pages)
Technology is perceived as the driving mechanism behind modernization today. Many argue that without technology life will be so boring and lack of a competitive nature. I do agree that due to the introduction of the digital age life is far way more advanced than it was before. Technology has ... Read More
The Atomic Bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Was Necessary to End World War II (792 words, 4 pages)
One bomb dropped on Nagasaki would kill more people than German air attacks on London killed during the entire war. (Chinnock 45). The fact that the atomic bombings ended the war, all of the deaths from the two bombs, and the amazing scientific breakthrough on Atomic energy are why the ... Read More
Understanding Counterculture Through Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's Album Deja Vu (598 words, 2 pages)
Make love not war became the fundamental phrase of the 1960s and 70s. The Vietnam War was a major part of life for people in the United States throughout the 60s and 70s. The younger generation was fed up with a dead-end war that was taking the countrys soldiers and ... Read More
Revolution in the Olympics (672 words, 3 pages)
In the year of 1968, an extraordinary event happened in the Summer Olympics held in Mexico City. Two African Americans which were Tommie Smith and John Carlos won gold and bronze respectively for 200 meter race. And they had performed an unprecedented movement while receiving the medals. Both of them ... Read More
Causes of the Salem Witch Trials (968 words, 4 pages)
From June through September of 1692, 19 women's and men's all have beenConvicted of witch craft were carted to the Gallows Hill, a barren scopenearSalem Village for hanging another men 80yrs ago pressed to death underheavyStone for refusing to submit to a trial or witchcraft charges. Hundredof othersFaced accusation of ... Read More
The Vietnam War (996 words, 4 pages)
2.59 million American soldiers served there country, and of that amount58,200 soldiers did not return home to there loved ones. Although ourgoal was democracy and freedom for South Vietnam the cost of the war indollars and lives made it the most unpopular war in history. This warwas impacted in many ... Read More
U.S. Power in the 20th Century (654 words, 2 pages)
How did U.S. get all this power? What makes the U.S. think that they could just proceed into a country and do what they want? Who gave them this power anyways? Well, Im pretty sure that these are the questions that run through your minds each day after you hear ... Read More
Is Nuclear Technology a Danger to Life on Earth? (405 words, 2 pages)
Question - We have been living in the nuclear age now for over half acentury. Since the first atomic bombs were developed, nuclear?technology has provided governments with the ability to totally ?destroythe planet. Yet the technology has been put to positive ?use as anenergy source and in certain areas of ... Read More
The Impact of Technology on Society (1856 words, 7 pages)
Technology refers to the incorporation of skills, and knowledge into the tools of operation in the real life. Just to mention, the term technology dates back to the dawn of humanity. This is solely because since the existence of humans, they have been increasing efficiency in their operations. For instance, ... Read More
Article Summary of Is the Internet Making Us Quick But Shallow? (601 words, 2 pages)
Nicholas Carr explores the topic of the enduring negative effects the internet has on our cognitive abilities in his article from CNN Is the Internet Making us Quick but Shallow? and he claims that the multitude of advance technology available to us has offset a severe obstruction to comprehension, understanding ... Read More
Describing the Traditional Caste System in India (747 words, 3 pages)
The caste system was a system of social stratification in India, andsome areas connected with Hindu culture such as Nepal, that dividedpeople on the basis of inherited social status. It was a division inthe society that was arranged in a hierarchy according to occupationsand family lineages. Hindu caste system recognized ... Read More
What It Takes to Be a Basketball Player (593 words, 2 pages)
Even when Im old and grey, I wont be able to play it but Ill still love the game. This is what my role model Michael Jordan said during his last year with the Washington Wizards. Michael Jordan is a basketball icon for many learning basketball players and takes a ... Read More
Demeter: The Greek Goddess of Agriculture (156 words, 1 pages)
Demeter is known as the Goddess of agriculture. Her daughter Persephonewas kidnapped by the god of the underworld, Hades. Demeter's anger wasso heavy that she abandoned the land for a long period of time no plantgrew and famine overwhelmed the Earth. Zeus requested Hades to returnher daughter to her mother ... Read More
Cultural Identity of an Indonesian Immigrant to the U.S. (3502 words, 11 pages)
One can become acculturated to the value, belief, norms, or evenculture that they were not born into because culture is learned. I was bornand raised in Indonesia until I was 17 years old. I considered myself as aSoutheast Asian woman who is a mix of a dominant ethnic group and ... Read More
An Analysis of the Main Theme in Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond (971 words, 4 pages)
Guns, Germs and Steel written by Jared Diamond asks and attempts to answer the question why did different populations on different locations have such different histories? While he attempts to answer this question he does not attribute it on racial differences or superior intelligence because it is very repugnant. Instead ... Read More
An Outline of the Events of the Holocaust (1278 words, 5 pages)
The Holocaust was the darkest chapter of human historyThe Holocaust really only proved that we have gotten better at killing (the industrialization of Death)The Holocaust applied the concept of time and efficiency to murderThings that were related to factories were applied to the Holocaust The Holocaust has to do with ... Read More
An Analysis of the City of Tampa (294 words, 1 pages)
Although the city of Tampa is less than 200 years old, it has an extremely rich history. Over the years, Tampa has been transformed from what was once a small fort located in the wilderness, to a budding city forever changed by the Florida-land-boom, to what is now a large ... Read More
Franklin D Roosevelt and the Great Depression (2370 words, 8 pages)
What makes life today as difficult as life during the Great Depression can be summed up into two words loans and mortgages. During the 1930s these two factors were some of the main reasons for people truly feeling like they were in a depression. These factors are also around today, ... Read More
The Biological Cause of the Salem Witch Trials (1158 words, 4 pages)
Throughout the time in history, the Salem Witch Trials have had many theories as to how and why it was caused. It is more than apparent that the main causes were the strict Puritan religion and the contamination of their crops by a fungus that caused Ergot poisoning. Ergot contamination ... Read More
Modern Evolution and the Rule of the Masses (21685 words, 40 pages)
If the evolution theories hold any truth it would point at an evolution led by adaptability. This would mean that we would not stop to evolve until we hit the pinnacle evolutionary perfection. Common sense suggests that the time span for evolutionary change would slow down as we become better ... Read More
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