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Published: Thursday 31st of October 2013

How to Write an Interesting Autobiography Essay: Tips and Topics

Do you feel perplexed by the assignment of writing your autobiography? This is probably what’s on your mind right now. It’s not like I’m Bill Gates – how exactly can I write an autobiography? I have no slightest idea whatsoever how to begin or what to include in my autobiography! There’s no reason to be concerned – In this article, we’ll demonstrate that writing an autobiography essay can be straightforward and enjoyable. Each of us is unique and has interesting stories, regardless of their fame or lack thereof. So, just read on and savor our outstanding example of autobiography essay as well as our useful advice.

The Autobiography Essay of a Lazy Student

An autobiography constitutes a narration of the events you’ve experienced in your life. Even if you feel like there’s not much to say, you can still find something fascinating to write.

Bill Gates said in an interview that he would always hire a lazy individual for a troublesome position because someone lazy will always attempt to find a simple solution to something complicated!

Consequently, we asked a lazy but intelligent student to devise a brief example of an autobiography essay. If you want, you can utilize this as a draft for your own essay.

So, take a look at the following autobiography essay example, divided into sections:

My early years

Are you unaware of how you should start an autobiography essay?

As a mat

Iter of fact, it’s pretty evident and logical – just commence with the beginning, meaning your childhood!

I came to this world on a hot summer afternoon, when everything was melting away, in London. While I don’t remember a lot of things from my first years of life, my father claims I was a very inquisitive and talkative kid. I would pose many questions on a daily basis, even if I didn’t care about the responses. I assume my curious spirit is the reason for which I learned how to read when I was four.


Describing myself

Continue by briefly presenting yourself. This step doesn’t require too much imagination. Keep in mind that you ought to advance from one section to the next in a smooth way!

Luckily, my curiosity kept increasing during my school years. I used to love biology and chemistry. My enthusiasm aided me in becoming proficient in those fields, which got me accepted into a great university. Nowadays, I study medicine, and I am quite happy about it.


My goals

One cannot lead a happy life without having any objectives. Be optimistic and demonstrate that your existence is happy.

I am confident that my years of study will help me lead a good life. My goal is to become an esteemed psychiatrist. I devote a lot of time to my studies, and during my spare time, I like to read books and watch movies that deal with aspects related to this field.


The positive and negative aspects of my life

The purpose of this section is demonstrating your capability of assessing your experiences and drawing valuable lessons from them.

Naturally, I acknowledge the fact that my existence is not perfect. Everyone faces obstacles and difficulties. Seeing as my parents weren’t able to pay for my studies, covering my student fees has represented a significant obstacle. In addition to studying, I also need to hold a part-time job. I am quite happy when I get my wages and make plans regarding my available funds.



In this section of your paper, your target is to present the fundamental lesson that one can draw from your autobiography.

To put it otherwise, what is the meaning of the story?

I have concluded that there are two primary prerequisites to a successful life. The first one is your willpower and your desire to be successful. Do you feel prepared to work hard to accomplish your target? Are you ready to get back on your feet after a fiasco and keep on pursuing your objectives? Unless you have a firm inner determination, you cannot possibly succeed.

The help of others is just as significant. Having the motivation necessary to become successful doesn’t imply isolating yourself from those around you and pushing others away in an attempt to attain your target. Quite the opposite, to be successful means to acknowledge your flaws and to seek the help of the people close to you. For example, without the help of my family, I probably wouldn’t be a student nowadays.

Would you regard the writer of this essay as a strong ruler such as Winston Churchill or Abraham Lincoln?

To be honest, that would be far-fetched. He is apparently a fascinating and pleasant human being, but he hasn’t made any outstanding impact on humanity like others before him.

However, can you draw a lesson from his autobiography? Without any doubt!

Autobiography Essay Example for University or High School

The sample we’ve presented is appropriate for both university and high school students.

If you still feel puzzled by this assignment, all you need to do is contact our professional writers! We’ll be happy to provide our assistance with organizing and writing your autobiography essay.

If you require more information regarding the process of writing an autobiography paper, just read on!

An Autobiography Blueprint

What must an autobiography comprise?

The answer is a theme.

Fundamentally, the theme is the primary significance of the essay – the meaning that is conveyed by the entirety of the situations you’ve experienced.

How can one produce a theme?

There are various manners in which this can be accomplished: by presenting a series of situations or one specific situation (you could even talk about a regular day from your life), by describing an inspirational figure, or by bringing to light your childhood dreams and recollections.

To help you out further, we have put together a few prompts that may be used to highlight your theme.

All you need to do is finalize these sentences, expand on the notions and introduce a few particularities and your autobiography essay will be ready!

Sentences to begin your essay with

Use any of the sentences from the following list at the beginning of your autobiography essay:

  1. My birthplace is…
  2. As a young kid, I used to be energetic (or silent, inquisitive, timid, etc.).
  3. As a child, I dreamt of…
  4. The first thing I can remember is…
  5. I am indebted to my family (or professors, friends, etc.) because…
  6. I was inspired by…
  7. My lifelong desire is…
  8. The most unforgettable moment of my existence was…
  9. If you ask about my motto, I will quote …
  10. If I could choose which of my dreams should become reality, I would want…
  11. My fundamental conviction is …
  12. I find inspiration in my dream/enthusiasm to…
  13. The most meaningful thing I learned from my parents was…
  14. The passion that influenced my character is…
  15. A situation that shaped me as a person is…
  16. My catchphrase is…
  17. The book/film/writer that I love the most is…
  18. Throughout my early years, I always wanted to be a…
  19. Something I wish I were aware of 5 (or 10, 20, etc.) years ago is…
  20. My dearest photo from my childhood is…

You can always use this sample to write a top-notch autobiography essay!

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