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The Inspiration for Grease the Musical (1657 words, 5 pages)
Sadem SalemTheatre 100Due 03172011Grease, the musicalJim Jacobs, the creator of Grease. He lived in Chicago, Illinois, when he got the inspiration to create a musical about Teens in high school, about the drama of love, and their style of living their own lives. He was one of the co-creators of ... Read More
A Review of Busby Berkeley and the Backstage Musical (259 words, 1 pages)
In the article Busby Berkeley and the Backstage Musical" Rubin gives adefinition of a traditional musical "a film containing a significantproportion of musical numbers that are impossible-i.e., persistentlycontradictory in relation to the realistic discourse of the narrative"(Rubin, p.57). This definition may only be applied to Berkeley whennarrative is replaced with ... Read More
Music Affects Mood (983 words, 3 pages)
"Seat belts on?" Mom says from the passenger seat. "Check." Her daughter replies. "Ok, put it in drive and ease on your accelerator and slowly speedup." Mom says calmly. "May I turn on the radio, Mom?" "Sure you can, honey. Just pay attention to the road." --Radio turns on and ... Read More
The Negative Influence of Hip Hop Music (1150 words, 4 pages)
Music has been a large influence on our society. Even walking down the street, its easy to see people of all ages with iPods, mp3s and their personal cell phones blaring in their ears buds with their genre of choice. Swing music of the 30s to the revolution of the ... Read More
Alternative Music as a Creative Outlet for Young Aspiring Musicians (1139 words, 4 pages)
Like all musical communities, the alternative band community has thesame dream to be successful and to be heard. There are many establishcommunities in the world such as classical music or jazz music. Boththese and other forms of music have been around for a long time.However, alternative music is relatively young ... Read More
Themes in Books and Music (351 words, 2 pages)
What do you know about similarities and differences? When comparing two things they may end up more similar or more different. In this case the theme of 12 Angry Men is by Reginald Rose is being compared to the theme of the song Just One person by snoopy for similarities ... Read More
Reggae Music (576 words, 2 pages)
When you hear the sound, you can easily sense the inner peace of the performer. Within the music is a cool hopefulness that both calms and inspires the listener. The syncopated rhythm rings of coastal derivation, yet you sit in a crowded, smoky bar listening to the ostentatious drivel of ... Read More
How Music Has Impacted My Life (1375 words, 5 pages)
Dick Clark once said, Music is the soundtrack of your life.'' Withthis said, it pretty much sums up how I view music. I don't know aboutyou but music has always been a big role in my life. Not only does themusic fill the ears of listeners with happiness or even ... Read More
Dare To Believe: How Music Has Impacted My Life (348 words, 1 pages)
What is a dream? Is it just an eight hour fantasy in our headas we sleep? Is it an alternate world in which we enter? No one knowsfor sure but what I do know is that it is the very thing that made methe person I am today. I was ... Read More
The Evolution of Classical Music (140 words, 1 pages)
Music has evolved as we have evolved. It has taken different paths to reach what we called music is today. In the eighteenth century, a new musical style was created and called classical. Classical music is considered one of the most elegant types of music. Executed by a symphony orchestra, ... Read More
The Soloist: Nathaniel Anthony Ayers' Music Career (412 words, 2 pages)
A Juilliard trained musician Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, who because of his schizophrenia, ended up on skid row in Los Angeles. I picked this book because it enthralled me. The life of a man who is a music prodigy but is homeless seemed to subdue me. The idea of Ayers's love ... Read More
My Relationship to Music (716 words, 3 pages)
My father was right. Western classical music is complicated stick with Indian classical music. Western classical music has always been intricate since most of my teenage life, and I dont like it. Western classical acquires many different styles like Indian classical music, but most of the music is recycled to ... Read More
A Music Review of Outkast, an American Hip Hop Duo (401 words, 1 pages)
OutKast- SOUTHERNPLAYALISTICADILLACMUZIKHip-hop is an ever growing ever evolving field of music. Beginning in the 1970s, hip-hop has been a creative outlet for Americas young African-American and Latino citizens. Besides letting out their creativities, hip-hop allows these youths to provide America with their point view, of every day life as they ... Read More
Konpa: My Life and My Music (1237 words, 4 pages)
Growing up in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, music has always been the center of my life. In fact, a renowned band in Haiti and one of my favorites, Zenglen, was born right in my backyard. I assisted their practice sessions every day, and saw them grow as I grew ... Read More
What Happened to the Music Industry? (1058 words, 3 pages)
The arts and entertainment have gone through many changes throughout the times. It has gone through good times and some bad times. An article, The price of the ticket, written by John Seabrook, gives the reader a look into the ticket scalping of the live concert business and how it ... Read More
Music and Studying (518 words, 3 pages)
Does music help when doing homework? Have the parentsever said music will distract and confuse while doing homework?Well does music really help on homework, are the parents correctornot? Many people think music will distract a student on thework.Also many think music will actually help on the work given tothestudent.Music will ... Read More
Romanticism in Music (242 words, 1 pages)
Towards the end of the 18th century, the word romanticism was firstused to describe new ideas in painting and literature. Later manymusicians embraced this word to describe the changes in the musicalstyle. Unlike classical composers, Romantic composers expressed strongemotions in their music. Romantic music is about the emotion of love,hate, ... Read More
History of Music (920 words, 2 pages)
Several schools of polyphony developed in the time period after the twelfth century . the St. Martial school of organum in which the music of which was often identified by a rapidly moving part over a single sustained line. Also the Notre Dame school of polyphony, which included the composers ... Read More
The Importance of Music (404 words, 2 pages)
In real life one of the simplest ways to be left alone is to wear a pair of headphones. Either one wont be able to hear other people, or they will think that one cant hear them. Listening to an iPod is like wearing a personal force field. Its an ... Read More
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Contribution to Music (1092 words, 3 pages)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most influential people in music history with his contributions to the art and style of music people now have different classical masterpieces to learn from. Mozart was born in Salzburg Austria which then was as a Sovereign territory because during childhood it was ... Read More
Fashion and music are big businesses, multinational, and international. They are both a major factor in todays society as they rule our lifestyle. Fashion and music are significant forms of consumption for people. Winters and Goodman (19847) states Fashion is what people want, and wants have a way of becoming ... Read More
Analysis of Types of Music (1939 words, 8 pages)
Music scholars and musicians classify instrumental music into two types absolute music and program music. Absolute music and program music are opposing ideas in many aspects. They present different concepts, histories, composers and genres. In this paper, I will describe the distinction between program music and absolute music.Absolute music and ... Read More
The Importance of Music (608 words, 2 pages)
Everybody these days listen to music and are huge fans of many artists, composers etc Quite often many teenagers and adults relate their emotional, mental and physical challenges and feelings with many of the artists and their music. They tend to cope with these challenges by listening to their music ... Read More
How the Music Industry Contributes to the Economy of a State (225 words, 1 pages)
Robert Burnett, (1996) The global jukebox the international music industry, Routledge Londonp8 The international music companies have begun to stress that they are global organizations. Globalization in their case, and as reflected in company annual reports, mean the organization of production, distribution and consumption of cultural artefacts on a global ... Read More
A Music Concert Report Held at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (824 words, 2 pages)
The concert I choose to do my report about was the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival that was held at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Maryland Heights. The concert was on Sunday August 19 from 1pm to 11pm. The Uproar Festival is a big concert tour that travels the United States ... Read More
The Pursuit of Happiness as a Musician (663 words, 1 pages)
Pursuit Of Happiness, Pursuit Of MusicGrowing up my life revolved around art and music. I took dance classes and had piano, violin, and guitar lessons. My parents constantly introduced me to all genres of music. This way of life fueled my passion for music and since the sixth grade I ... Read More
Are We Being Brainwashed by Some Types of Music? (919 words, 3 pages)
Dancing, bobbing our heads, moving to the beat is what we all do when we hear the sound of music playing. Have you ever stopped and thought about the meaning of the words of the song youre jamming to? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the simple words ... Read More
Music in the 1920s (938 words, 3 pages)
In 1919 Prohibition was passed, in effort to halt the selling and consuming of alcohol. Prohibition did little to stop this. However it did bring about an entire culture of underground clubs, called speakeasies, where alcohol was sold. These clubs were always booming with the music of jazz and ragtime. ... Read More
Music and the Drive for Sex (1721 words, 5 pages)
Music gives people a motivation, determination, or drive towards being able to define how people act or feel through their emotions. Music is defined as vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion (Music). Through music we can ... Read More
Does Rap and Hip-Hop Music Have Negative Impacts on Children and Society? (1455 words, 5 pages)
Can you imagine being an inner city kid who grew up in an environment where everyday is a struggle for survival or where street violence and drug use is a way of life? The worst feeling is not knowing when your next meal will be or the many sleepless nights ... Read More
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