Journeymen Drywallers Cover Letter Examples

Best Journeymen Drywallers Cover Letter Examples

Published: Thursday 16th of March 2017; Words Count: 2000

Your well-written cover letter is the first chance you have to make a great impression on hiring personnel. Be sure you’ve taken time to really represent yourself well. Our list of do’s and don’ts can help you get started. Reference our journeymen drywallers cover letter example as a guide while you write your own letter.

  • Do choose your most pertinent experiences to highlight. There will be other opportunities to talk about your work with tile. For this document, stick to your knowledge of safety standards and expertise in a variety of exterior finishes.
  • Don’t apologize for areas of weakness or lack of experience. It’s best not to mention these at all. Stay focused on your areas of strength and your existing skills.
  • Do explain what you can offer the potential employer. While discussing your past achievements, be sure to emphasize how you’ll bring those skills to use in the future.
  • Don’t get too caught up in formal vocabulary. While you do want your cover letter to be professional, too much formality will make you sound insincere. Instead, use job-specific terms to describe your plaster work, for example.

Journeymen Drywallers Advice

Journeyman drywallers must have experience as a drywaller, good references, and an excellent cover letter. To create your journeyman drywaller cover letter, we recommend referring to the cover letter examples below. These cover letter examples have been created to help guide you in drafting your own letter, and can be used as a template you can modify to fit your needs. Ready to get the job? Click on any of the cover letter examples below to get started.

Cover Letter Tips for Journeymen Drywallers

Finding jobs as a Journeymen Drywallers can be made easier with good organizational skills and a determined mindset. Follow these tips on landing that job for the next step in your career path.

1. Plan weekly goals for job applications and submitted cover letters. Keeping track of these and checking off your progress on a weekly basis will help you to stay positive and moving forward.

2. Be confident during your interview. Maintain eye contact, listen carefully, and emphasize your strengths, leadership capabilities and creativity in solving problems while you are answering questions.

3. Remember thank-you notes. Whether by phone, handwritten, or email, it is important to follow up interviews, references and other employment contacts with sincere appreciation. This will leave a positive impression and give you one more chance to sell yourself.

4. Be clear about your job search goals before networking. This will give clarity to the people you come into contact with and help you focus your job search according to your specific needs and in alignment with your long-term career goals.

5. Create a thorough professional online presence through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Employers search these social media profiles, and these particular sites are very popular and also an important part of your networking opportunities.

Journeymen Drywallers Job Seeking Tips

You will be able to find jobs as a Journeymen Drywallers faster if your cover letter is in top condition. Read about these do’s and don’ts to keep ahead of the competition and grab the attention of the hiring managers.

1. Do think of your job listings as a set of accomplishments, not responsibilities. Quantifying those accomplishments with specific numbers also gives your cover letter added focus and impact.

2. Don’t use personal pronouns within your cover letter. Words like I, me or my, are not standard and should not be included. They can be distracting and appear unprofessional to potential employers.

3. Do include a variety of ways to contact you: website (if available), city and state only, one phone number and a single professional email address. This provides just enough information without overwhelming the reader or providing too much detail for identity theft purposes when your cover letter is online.

4. Don’t mix noun and verb phrases within your job descriptions. It is best to use consistent action verbs throughout your document for maximum impact and readability.

5. Do consider a format outside of standard Microsoft Word templates. But they must be easily readable, use standard fonts, and have a consistent form throughout the document.

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