Transportation Resume Examples & Templates

Pizza Delivery Drivers Resume Example

Position yourself as the hottest candidate for that pizza delivery job with a brand new resume. Pizza delivery drivers deliver pizza and other food and drinks from the restaurant to waiting customers. On your resume, list all of your delivery experience. Be sure to highlight important skills that will make you stand out, such as being physically fit, having strong math skills, possessing a clean driving record, a familiarity with the delivery area and knowledge of navigation apps to get from place to place efficiently. For more ways to make your resume sizzle, see our pizza delivery drivers resume example. Pizza Delivery Drivers Advice Pizza delivery drivers are always in demand! You should have your license, be responsible, and have a good resume. The resume examples below will help you in creating your pizza delivery drivers resume. Click on any of these resume examples to get started. Then, choose a template and update the information to create your own resume and get a job faster. Create My Resume Loading... $(window).load(function(){ addSalaryWidget(); }); Resume Tips for Pizza Delivery Drivers If you are looking for jobs as a pizza delivery drivers, it is important to strengthen your job seeking skills. With the right skills and hard work, finding a job is much easier. To help you in your efforts, take advantage of…

Bus Driver Resume Example

Transport your career to a new level with a bus driver resume that will put you on the fast track. To start, list your experience driving buses and other vehicles. Also, highlight the skills and qualities that make you great at your job, like a clean driving record, safety training, knowledge of DOT regulations and excellent customer service skills. It’s also wise to share your experience working long shifts. When the rubber meets the road and it’s time for a career move, use our bus driver resume example for more ideas. Bus Driver Advice Our resume examples for bus drivers can help you create a standout resume quickly. We have samples designed for school bus drivers, commercial drivers, and more. Use these examples to build a solid resume of your own. Create My Resume Loading... $(window).load(function(){ addSalaryWidget(); }); Resume Tips for Bus Driver Finding jobs as a bus driver takes a combination of a certain set of job seeking skills and the right mindset. Follow the tips below to keep you on track during the job hunt. 1. Stay positive. Keeping a positive mindset will help you remember that your unemployment is only temporary. You might consider joining a support group to connect with others in a similar situation. 2. Keep an open mind. Although you may have had your…

Truck Driver Resume Example

Get into trucking for the long haul with a brand new truck driver resume. Because heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers transport goods from one location to another, often on long distance trips that last days or weeks at a time, it’s crucial to detail your experience working such shifts. Be sure to list your trucking and delivery experience and include information about your trucking school education and details about your trucking license. Other skills, such as strong map reading abilities, a clean driving record or defensive driving training could help your stand out. For more tips, see our truck driver resume sample. Truck Driver Advice If the lure of the open road appeals to you, you don’t mind long hours and like working alone, a truck driver career could be for you. You’ll need your truck driver license, a good driving record, and a professional resume. To get started, click on any of the resume examples below. These resume examples show what should go into a truck driver resume, and you can use them as fuel in creating your own resume. Build your resume today and get the job soon! Create My Resume Loading... $(window).load(function(){ addSalaryWidget(); }); Resume Tips for Truck Driver Finding jobs as a truck driver takes a certain mindset paired with the right job-seeking skills. Follow the…

Hub Delivery Driver Resume Example

To get the job you want, deliver a great resume! To put the pedal to the metal in your job search, be sure to list all relevant delivery experience, adding detail that will make your stand our such as a clean driving record, experience with trip planning and strong time management skills. Also, include experience that could give you an edge over the competition, such as customer service experience and a valid driver’s license. Don’t forget to share your experience driving for long shifts. For more ideas, see our HUB delivery driver resume example. Hub Delivery Driver Advice If you’re applying for a job as a HUB delivery driver, you’ll need the proper licensing, a good driving record and a professional resume. The resume examples below will show you what a good resume for a HUB delivery driver should look like. Use the resume examples as a model in creating your own resume, and get hired sooner. Click on any of these templates to get started. Create My Resume Loading... $(window).load(function(){ addSalaryWidget(); }); Resume Tips for Hub Delivery Driver During a job search as a hub delivery driver or anywhere else in the United States, you need a plan of action to help you achieve your career goals. Consider these ideas to help you create your own plan. 1. Assess…

Package Handler Resume Example

Package handlers pick up, transport, and drop off packages within a local region or urban area, usually in a car or light truck of 26,000 pounds or less. Package handlers sometimes pick up packages from customers’ homes or businesses, while others deliver to customers from a distribution center. On your resume, list all your delivery experience, including the type of vehicle used. Also, include experience that could give you an edge over the competition, such as being physically fit, experience with tracking merchandise and the ability to perform minor equipment repairs. For more ideas, see our package handler resume example. Package Handler Advice To get hired as a package handler, you’ll need a professional resume. The resume examples we’ve developed will help you in building your package handler resume. Just click on any of the resume examples below to get started. Choose from multiple design options, and update the example text to fit your needs. Get started today and be on the road to a better job! Create My Resume Loading... $(window).load(function(){ addSalaryWidget(); }); Resume Tips for Package Handler Most successful job searches start out with some kind of strategic plan, especially in the digital age when job hunting is so dependent on virtual networking. Include the following tips as part of your winning job hunt strategy. 1. Don’t be…

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