Event Planner Cover Letter Examples

Best Event Planner Cover Letter Examples

Published: Friday 10th of February 2017; Words Count: 1700

If your goal is to grab a hiring manager’s attention and ultimately land an interview, you will need to have a standout and engaging cover letter. A good cover letter will highlight your skills and qualifications and encourage hiring managers to read your resume or CV. Use our event planner cover letter example and tips to ensure your cover letter is up to par.

  • Do showcase what you can accomplish for the company rather than how great of a position this will be for you. Show the hiring manager what you’ll do in the future in addition to what you have done in the past.
  • Don’t apologize for lack of experience or abilities. If there are certain aspects of event planning that you are not skilled in, don’t draw attention to them. As shown in the example, highlight your skills and strengths and keep it positive.
  • Do be honest. Lying to a potential employer is a huge no-no and can hurt your chances at getting hired.
  • Don’t make it too formal, as this can seem insincere. In our example, the candidate begins with a few lines that sound friendly and make her seem approachable.

Event Planner Advice

Have people told you you’re a great planner? Why not make event planning your career? The event planner cover letter examples here can give you an excellent indication of what you should include in your own event planner cover letter. With these cover letter examples as a first step, you’ll be well-positioned to land a rewarding position as an event planner.

shown below to start.

Cover Letter Tips for Event Planner

Don’t get bogged down in your process of finding jobs as a Event Planner. These tips are recommended by experts, and will help you stay at it.

1. Your job search is not a mad dash but a marathon. Set your eyes on the prize and be diligent, and you’ll uncover the best opportunities.

2. Online assessments can give you an idea of ways to apply yourself that you hadn’t thought of before. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a great one to use that is quick and freely accessible.

3. If you are using Twitter and Facebook, keep in mind that potential employers will examine the information you have posted. Use this to your advantage by filling your profiles and posts with keywords and showing your involvement and interest in the industry.

4. Visit your local American Job Center and avail yourself of the great resources available there.

5. Job fairs are another great networking opportunity where you can find out about all kinds of different companies. They also provide opportunities to submit your cover letter in person.

Event Planner Job Seeking Tips

Hiring managers use cover letters as a screening process, which is why you want to have your cover letter in the best shape it can be as you apply for jobs as a Event Planner. Check out these helpful cover letter writing tips.

1. Your hobbies and interests are irrelevant to your cover letter, and including that information can actually distract the reader and may actually detract from your perceived eligibility. Keep things related to your qualifications and accomplishments.

2. Your accomplishments are an important selling point. Include these in your job descriptions, pointing out in particular anything quantifiable.

3. Justified text blocks put uneven spacing between words. Instead, use left-aligned text.

4. Bullet point lists are another formatting must. They make your cover letter easier to read and readers can quickly refer back to each point. This way your lists will seem more extensive as well.

5. Don’t list references, and you don’t need to say “references available upon request. ” If an employer wants to consult your references, they will inform you.

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