Best Hair Stylist Resume Example

Published: Friday 9th of March 2018; Words Count: 1150

Hair stylists, including barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists, provide haircutting, hairstyling, hair coloring and a range of other beauty services to their clients. Hair stylists work mostly in barbershops or salons, so when writing your resume be sure to include any work experience in these settings. Since physical stamina is important for hair stylists, be sure to mention that when listing your skills and qualifications. List your education, any special training you’ve received, and ensure that you include your current licensing information on your resume. For more tips on giving your resume a new look, use our hair stylist resume example.

Hair Stylist Advice

To become a hair stylist, it takes training, an ability to deal with customers, and a strong resume. The resume examples below can help you develop your own hair stylist resume faster. Use these resume examples as a starting point, then personalize them to meet your needs. With the right resume, you can move one step closer to having the exciting hair stylist career you want.


Resume Tips for Hair Stylist

The job search is difficult no matter where you live; securing jobs as a hair stylist is no exception. Here is some advice to help make the process a little easier:

1. Utilize social media. Depending on your comfort level with public information, social networking can be a vital tool in accessing employers and job openings. There are dozens of free and paid career networking sites at your fingertips.

2. Broaden your focus. Consider switching industries to expand your options. Frequently, your experience and skills are transferable across multiple employment sectors, so do not limit your job search to one industry.

3. Prepare yourself for a long search. Finding the right career does not mean settling for the first job opportunity that arises. Take your time and wait for an opening that interests you.

4. Take on temporary work. Don’t let finances stand in the way of locating your new career; find a short term job to take in income while you continue to search for a more permanent position.

5. Pursue all potential leads. If you have discovered a promising position, actively follow up on it. Employers notice when you are persistent in pursuing a new career.

Hair Stylist Job Seeking Tips

Composing a strong resume is a necessary step in the job application process. Before applying for jobs as a hair stylist, you will want to revise and refine your resume to best reflect your employable qualities. Here are some tips on how to write a stronger resume:

1. Sharpen your focus for the job you want. Employers spend very little time reading resumes. Thus, you will want to condense your skills and experiences to the ones that are relevant to the position for which you are applying.

2. Keep it brief. Again, employers spend about six seconds per resume. You will want to keep yours to no longer than one or two pages.

3. Use an online resume builder. Online tools can help you properly format and arrange your document in a user-friendly way. When it comes to your resume, appearance matters.

4. Focus on your past accomplishments over responsibilities. Employers are more interested in how you excelled in your previous position. Instead of listing job duties, describe your promotions, leadership roles and career initiatives.

5. Proofread. Spelling mistakes reflect poorly on you as a job candidate. Be sure to carefully proofread your resume before submitting it to employers.

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