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Published: Monday 23rd of April 2018; Words Count: 950

To grab the attention of an accounting firm or a recruiter, you must begin with a strong resume. Accountants need to demonstrate an affinity for numbers, but they also need to show their skill with words by creating a strong written message. Start your document by sharing a summary of your most important accomplishments and most relevant skill sets, then move on to a few lines highlighting your educational credentials. Some employers hold strict standards in this area, so make sure your education section stands out on the page. Then share a short description of your past positions. Use this accountant resume example to guide you through the process.

Accountant Advice

Looking for a career as an accountant? Our accountant-specific resume examples will help you craft the resume you need to impress accounting firms and win you the job. Accountants are always needed by all kinds of businesses. They are employed both in a range of private industries, and the public sector. Use the resume examples below to help find the right language to enhance your resume. This will help you win more interviews and get hired faster!


Resume Tips for Accountant

Much like in other parts of the country, your ability to locate jobs as a accountant will depend on your approach and the type of actions you take. No one should embark on a search for employment without the proper preparation, and the tips below will ensure that you are ready to face the local economy head on. Here are some ways that you can find jobs as a accountant.

1. Attending job search training groups will help you create a concrete plan for finding a new job. Many of these groups can provide you with expert advice from the perspective of employers and career coaches.

2. Keeping a positive attitude will prevent you from falling into the pit of pessimism and despair that many jobseekers end up in after losing a job. Having an optimistic outlook and taking responsibility for your search can stop you from becoming discouraged.

3. Many jobseekers neglect to ask their friends and loved ones about possible career opportunities. Oftentimes, people in your social network have knowledge regarding jobs that have not been posted yet.

4. Reading professional journals or career advice guides can provide you with additional information that will be helpful during your job search. In these books, you will find interview tips and local resources.

5. Walking into an interview unprepared can easily dash your chances of getting hired. Research questions that employers will be most likely to ask, and practice responding to them in a professional manner.

Accountant Job Seeking Tips

No matter what part of the country you reside in, having a well-written and captivating resume can greatly increase your chances of landing an interview. Regardless of your industry or experience level, writing an appealing resume can help you find jobs as a accountant. Here are some simple, yet highly effective resume writing tips.

1. No one wants to hire a dishonest employee, and when you lie on your resume, you will eliminate any chance you previously had of getting hired. Any untruths that you list on your resume will be uncovered by the background check.

2. Avoid using clichéd or banal phrases such as “responsible for” or “duties included. ” These phrases will make your resume sound boring and repetitive, even if you are qualified for the job.

3. Every resume should include a professional profile or summary. This will give potential employees a comprehensive, yet concise overview of your work history. It can also present you with the opportunity to distinguish yourself from other employees.

4. Your personal contact information should always be listed somewhere near the top of your resume. It should include your name, address, state, zip code, phone number, and e-mail address. Make sure that you only list one phone number and a professional-sounding e-mail address.

5. Never include the reason you left your previous job. This is a risky move that can work against you if a hiring manger disagrees with your reasoning. If he or she has additional questions about your employment history, they will be asked during the interview.

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