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Published: Wednesday 3rd of May 2017; Words Count: 1750

A successful inventory manager can confidently keep track of complicated logistics, manage multiple databases, organize and motivate teams of employees, and keep a busy warehouse facility in motion. If you can master these skills and you’re looking for a way to impress potential employers, use this inventory manager resume example and create your own profile using similar sections and subheadings. Notice how this example avoids filler and emphasizes concrete details. Start with a concise, focused summary and then draft separate sections describing your education, past positions, and relevant skill sets. Shine a light on your most important past accomplishments.

Inventory Manager Advice

Inventory managers are in charge organizing and protecting inventory from damager, theft, etc. You’ll need organization skills, experience, and a great resume. The job-specific resume examples we’ve created below can help. Click on any of the resume examples below to start creating your own job-winning inventory manager resume today!


Resume Tips for Inventory Manager

When you are on the search for jobs as a inventory manager, it is important to be persistent and positive through the duration. Here are some tips to help make that next step in your career.

1. When you are preparing for an interview, research your potential employer through multiple sources. Reading trade periodicals and annual business reports, and knowing statistics and current talking points can be very helpful -and impressive to the hiring manager.

2. Don’t be afraid to send inquiry letters. This is like a Ëœcold-call’ cover letter. After finding an employer you would like to work for, send them an inquiry letter of introduction with a polite request for further communication.

3. Understand that your online presence will be checked. This can help you or hurt you. Be mindful and professional with your image and comments on the internet to help you land that next job.

4. Refresh your interview skill set. Creating social media profiles and sending emails are important, but you have to be able to verbally communicate well and showcase your best self to rise above the competition.

5. Always follow up with your prospects. If you have not heard back from an interview, or given a direct no, it could still very well be a yes.

Inventory Manager Job Seeking Tips

Your resume is often the only document a hiring manager reviews prior to making that call or sending that email. When looking for jobs as a inventory manager, consider these resume do’s and don’ts to make yours go to the top of the contact list.

1. Do think about using a bulleted style for simplicity and readability. This can be a professional and focused way to showcase your talents.

2. Do use concrete action verbs in describing your experience. Avoid use of words like work and duties as they are flat and nondescriptive.

3. Do use numbers to quantify your accomplishments. For example, increased sales by 25% for the second quarter, or managed a team of 15 inside sales representatives.

4. Don’t use personal pronouns like me or I on your resume. This is against standard protocol and can look unprofessional.

5. It can be okay to go over one page if truly necessary, but don’t go over two pages in your resume. Academics, physicians and others who use a CV follow separate guidelines.

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