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Published: Wednesday 2nd of August 2017; Words Count: 1150

Field technicians need a specialized set of skills to thrive in their positions, and these skills vary from one area of the agricultural field to another. But in all cases, a strong resume will demonstrate familiarity with the tools and instruments required by the job, including measurement devices, lab equipment, and software platforms. Technicians also need to work with others in teams and take leadership roles as necessary, so they need excellent communication skills. Take a look at this field technician resume example and see how yours compares regarding language and formatting. Let the example serve as a model and guide as you organize your own information.

Field Technician Advice

A field technician maintains and repairs agricultural equipment. The resume examples below have been developed to help you write your field technician resume. Use these resume examples to get a better idea of what a properly-written and professionally-formatted resume should look like, then choose a resume design and go on to write your own job-winning resume!


Resume Tips for Field Technician

Finding jobs as a field technician takes the blend of job-seeking skills and the right mindset. These tips can help you achieve your job-hunting goals in the post-Recession market. Network on screen and in person. Social media sites like LinkedIn provide many job-hunting resources and leads, but it’s also important to attend in-person networking events to uncover hidden opportunities or to learn more about standing out in your industry. Conduct a deep and creative job hunt. Even during a recessions, businesses conduct hires. However, finding out about those opportunities takes utilizing multiple resources, such as job banks, job centers and job fairs. Follow-up and remain persistent. Haven’t heard back from a job application? It’s OK to politely follow up. Staying in touch is a desirable trait in a potential employee. Take responsibility. Part of the job search is to accept that you’re captaining your own ship. You alone make–and don’t make–the decisions in your job search. Instead of reacting to dead end job leads, respond by choosing to keep calm and carry on. Research companies hiring in your field, which can help you prepare for a potential job interview or identify companies that have a desirable company culture. This process is as valuable as submitting your application for a job opening.

Field Technician Job Seeking Tips

When it comes to hunting for jobs as a field technician, your resume will always be your calling card. Make sure it stands out and reflects your career stage and goals with these do’s and don’ts tips. Do make it reader-friendly by aligning the text flush left and using a bulleted list in each section. Do create a “Profile” or “Summary of Qualifications” section. This makes it easier for employers to see your skills at a glance. Do list your work history section in this preferred order: title or position, employer, city and state of your employer, and employment dates Don’t go beyond two pages in your resume, even for executive job seekers. However, this doesn’t apply to those in academics, doctors and others who use curricula vitae (CVs) to detail their accomplishments such as publications or presentations. Don’t use weak verbs like “work;” instead, use action verbs like “collaborated” for describing accomplishments.

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