Best Admissions Counselor Resume Example

Published: Monday 3rd of April 2017; Words Count: 1350

Gain admission to the job you desire with a brand new admissions counselor resume. An admissions counselor is a licensed social worker who has the skills and training to be a counselor. Start by writing a summary that describes you and your professional goals. Next, list all of your experience with admissions and counseling. Having the right education is critical in this field so be sure to list all of your degrees and majors. Also, be sure to list any special training you might have, such as CPR training or first aid certification. Need more inspiration? Take a look at our admissions counselor resume example.

Admissions Counselor Advice

Looking for a job as an admissions counselor? An admissions counselor is a licensed social worker with the skills and training to be a counselor. We’ve developed the resume examples below to help you build your admissions counselor resume. Review the resume examples, choose your resume format and design, and then create your own impressive admissions counselor resume, so you can go out and win the job you want!


Resume Tips for Admissions Counselor

Hunting for jobs as a admissions counselor requires the right blend of creativity, proactivity and determination, just as it does in most other areas of the country. Keep the following advice in mind when on the prowl for your next dream job.

1. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality online, whether through social media or your own website, but keep it limited to material that you wouldn’t mind your future employer seeing. Most employers screen a candidate’s online presence for any information that would make them an unsuitable hire.

2. Ask yourself what it is you are truly seeking in a job: company culture, ability to climb the corporate ladder or a fulfilling schedule? By knowing what you want, you will be better equipped to find the perfect job.

3. Consider taking skills assessments to get new inspiration regarding what occupations best fit your skillset and personality.

4. Inspired by the environmental movement? “˜Green’ employees are highly desirable among employers who want to bring their businesses up modern standards of environmental friendliness, so this is one trait to show off in an interview for jobs as a admissions counselor.

5. Live up to your full potential as a future employee. Don’t miss out on any opportunities to follow up on a job lead or follow through with a hiring manager after an interview.

Admissions Counselor Job Seeking Tips

Searching for jobs as a admissions counselor? You’re only well equipped for the hunt once you are armed with a finely tuned resume that accurately and succinctly reflects your experience, education and skills. Here are some tips to use when building or updating your resume, no matter what your industry.

1. Consider ordering your resume in a chronological format, organizing by time, or a functional format, organizing by subject.

2. Feel free to include any relevant affiliations, travel experience, memberships, publications, speaking experience or special achievements on your resume.

3. Avoid including references directly on your resume, and only include them on a separate sheet if they are specifically requested.

4. Frame your experiences in terms of your outstanding accomplishments, highlighting what you have done to go the extra mile within every situation.

5. Don’t let your resume become skewed if you send it via email. Instead, have your resume ready in a few different formats so that you will be prepared, no matter what the situation.

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