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Published: Thursday 17th of August 2017; Words Count: 1100

The competition is heating up in the nursing field. Your certified nursing assistant resume must be exceptional to get interviews. To get off to a great start, place your certifications and licenses prominently in your resume. Next, craft a robust skills section that included all of your relevant talents. Read the job description again to make sure you use the employer’s key words. When you write your work history section, share accomplishments related to the skills you listed. Consider adding metrics. For example, state the number of patients you typically care for at once. For more help, see the certified nursing assistant resume example.

Certified Nursing Assistant Advice

Create a standout certified nursing assistant (CNA) resume with the help of our resume examples. CNAs make a difference in the lives of patients every day, and these sample resumes can help you develop your own resume so you can land a position in this rewarding field.


Resume Tips for Certified Nursing Assistant

Finding jobs as a certified nursing assistant requires a lot of the same legwork as finding jobs anywhere else in the country. It can be exponentially helpful to know what sort of steps you should take. Consider these tips as you look for jobs:

1. Make connections. Networking is always an important professional tool, but it can be argued that it is most important as you search for jobs. Make connections with people in companies that you are interested in working for. You can use those connections to send in resumes.

2. Get organized. There are a lot of factors to the job search. You have to do research, send out resumes, schedule interviews and follow up with a variety of potential employers. It makes sense that you should come up with an organizational strategy that will help you keep track of where you have applied and which companies you have heard back from.

3. Dig for opportunities. In a challenging job market, jobs aren’t just going to fall out of the sky. You have to dig for jobs as a certified nursing assistant. You can look at online job posting sites, in the newspaper, on company websites, at job fairs, on professional group forums and even at career centers. The more places you look, the more opportunities you will be able to uncover.

4. Think about your appearance. A lot of your communication will be done online and over the phone, so you may not think of your appearance as being too important until the interview. However, as you search for jobs you should try to make every aspect of your life, including your social media sites, look professional. You never know when you’re going to run into someone influential.

5. Focus on communication. No matter where you are in the search, if you’ve just sent in resumes or you have gone on interviews, you have to make sure that your communication is on point. Keep in communication with hiring managers until you get a definitive answer about the position.

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Seeking Tips

One of the most critical tools you have for finding jobs as a certified nursing assistant is your resume. A well put together resume can draw the attention of hiring managers and set you apart as a candidate. Use these do and don’t tips to create an outstanding resume:

1. Do include information regarding how to contact you, your past experience, your accomplishments and the useful skills you possess.

2. Do try to create a unique design to showcase your information.

3. Don’t worry keeping your resume to one page if you have a lot of applicable experience.

4. Do focus on the reader by making your resume reader-friendly and putting your information in a reverse chronological order.

5. Don’t discuss irrelevant skills or controversial affiliations on your document.

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