Best Restaurant Team Member Resume Example

Published: Wednesday 2nd of May 2018; Words Count: 1600

To land a delicious new job as a restaurant team member, you need a terrific resume. Start with a snappy summary that describes you in a few sentences. Next, highlight the skills and qualities that set you apart from the competition, such as experience in a high-volume environment, or superb customer service skills. Be sure to list all relevant work experience and, if you have a college degree, include your education. Finally, if you have a current food handler’s certificate, be sure to include that information, as well. For more ideas, read our restaurant team member resume example.

Restaurant Team Member Advice

To become a restaurant team member, you’ll need a resume to get hired. We’ve created the resume examples below specifically for restaurant team member jobs. They highlight the skills and qualifications necessary to land a restaurant or food industry position. Choose from multiple template options designed to fit your specific needs. Take the next step toward a new job by clicking on our resume samples today.


Resume Tips for Restaurant Team Member

Just like in the rest of the county, finding jobs as a restaurant team member doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you prepare yourself with tips to get started.

1. Do your research: Whether you want to find work in a similar career field or jump into a different one, it’s always a good idea to research employers and businesses, and read career resources such as professional journals.

2. Discover your skills: Don’t sell yourself short, and take advantage of skills assessment tests to find what you’re best at. This will usually help you find jobs that fit best with you.

3. Polish your resume: Except for at networking events, a resume is usually the first thing potential employers receive from you, so it’s always important to make sure it doesn’t include proofreading errors or formatting mistakes.

4. Make a daily plan: Job searching should be a daily affair, so make sure you talk to employers, send in resumes, or do some research every day until you find the job for you.

5. Take advantage of job fairs: Job fairs can make it easy for you to connect with companies all in one place. Locate these and attend them whenever possible to heighten your chances.

Restaurant Team Member Job Seeking Tips

A resume is an important key to landing jobs as a restaurant team member. Take your time and examine your resume before sending it in, following these helpful tips to get started.

1. Use interesting verbs: Resumes can become dull easily if every sentence contains the same verb. Pull out the thesaurus and mix up your word choices to enliven your resume.

2. Avoid certain phrases: In the same vein as above, avoid using common phrases such as duties included or responsible for, followed by a long list of duties.

3. Use metrics: If you have sales numbers or any other metric data, make sure to emphasize this on your resume. It’s solid information that usually goes a long way to impress employers.

4. Highlight transferable skills: This tip is especially helpful if you’re jumping careers or don’t have a lot of experience. Transferable skills are those skills that can be used in many different employment areas.

5. Put employment in order: Order is necessary, and the right order for the experience section is reverse chronological, which means the newest jobs should go first and the oldest should go last.

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