Best General Labor Resume Example

Published: Sunday 3rd of December 2017; Words Count: 1850

As a general laborer searching for work in a production facility, you’ll need to impress employers with a well-targeted resume. Most hiring managers know exactly what they need as they sift through stacks of resumes, and they use clear cut-offs for credentials related to education, years of experience, and specialized skills. Read the job post carefully and if you fit the bill in these areas, highlight this fact. Use this general labor resume example as your guide, and emphasize the qualities and skills that matter most to reviewers within your target company. These may include materials handling expertise, safety consciousness, overall reliability, and attention to detail.

General Labor Advice

There are lots of general labor jobs available for warehouse work. But you’ll need to write a resume to get them, and the resume examples we’ve created are a perfect place to start. Just click on any of the warehouse-specific resume examples below and edit the information to fit your own experience. It’s a fast and easy way to create the resume you’ll need to apply for and get hired in a general labor position faster.


Resume Tips for General Labor

Searching for jobs as a general labor is not too different from conducting the same search everywhere else in the country. There are certain things you can do to simplify your search and to help things go smoothly:

1. Start with the basics. Conduct an online job search. If you are unsure about where to begin such a search, head to your local library or job center for help.

2. Dig deeper. Once you’ve found a few promising openings online, it is time to look beyond the obvious and search around in person. Go to a job fair, or browse job ads in industry journals or local newspapers.

3. Network like crazy. Talk to everyone about your job search. Don’t limit yourself to contacts in your own field. People working in different areas may have heard of openings that would suit you.

4. Consider new fields. You have transferrable skills that you may not have tapped into. Instead of focusing only on your current field, think about other jobs where your current skills could be put to good use and enhanced.

5. Practice interviewing. Do some research to learn about what skills you need to ace an interview, and then practice. The more prepared you are for an interview, the more confidence you will have.

General Labor Job Seeking Tips

Your resume is the most important document you will create when trying to get a job as a general labor. Whether you are an experienced worker or are looking for your first job, there are some general rules that you should follow:

1. Emphasize the right things. Prepare your resume for the benefit of the reader, inserting the most relevant information first. When adding your job history, start with your most recent position and work backward.

2. Include details, such as your previous job titles and the city and state where you worked.

3. Use strong, concrete action words when describing your experience. Emphasize your skills, not your previous job description.

4. Don’t include references on your resume. There may be a question about references on the job application, but it is assumed that your references are available upon request.

5. Try to make your resume stand out visually, but don’t go overboard. Unless you are searching for a job in a creative field, keep your layout and fonts simple and easy to read.

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