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Published: Tuesday 24th of April 2018; Words Count: 1350

Looking for legal jobs? There are plenty of opportunities for qualified legal professionals with the right skills, and a resume that highlights them. We’ve created legal-specific resume examples to make building your resume easier than ever. It’s simple: just click on any of the resume example templates below, review the resume, then adapt the sample to your own experience and history. Start improving your legal resume today–get started now.


There are certain steps that will make the entire job search process simpler for those that are looking for jobs as a Legal. Follow this short guide to get started.

1. Prepare before you get started. Knowing something about the job market and the specific hiring practices of the job you desire will benefit your search. It is up to you to seek this information out and apply it.

2. Understand that job searches are getting longer and longer. Think about how you will pay for necessities if your search extends to several months.

3. Be optimistic. It is surprising how big of a difference a good attitude makes. It will make you more appealing to employers, but it will also help you keep your sanity while slogging through the tricky process of looking for a job.

4. Know what your other options are. If you are not able to find your dream job, know what other fields are relevant. With the proper experiences now, you may be able to get hired later for the job that eluded you now.

5. Practice your communication and presentation skills. There are tips online for how to really impress employers when you do get called for an interview. Make sure you do not waste that opportunity.

Just like when looking for work anywhere, there are some resume do’s and don’ts that apply when searching for jobs as a Legal. The expectations are high, so be sure to follow this simple guide.

1. Be specific. The most important aspect of your resume is its relevance to the job you are applying for. It is a good practice to rework your resume slightly for every position you apply for. Do not fall into the trap of writing a general resume that covers all the bases.

2. Write your resume in an active voice. Those reading are interested in what you have done, your accomplishments, and how you have benefited previous employers. This is much more effective than simply listing your work history and job descriptions.

3. Think about how your resume appears on a surface level as well. While the content is most important, analyze your formatting like a reader that is just taking a glance at it. Are there large blocks of text or blank space that need to be eliminated?

4. Make sure you research standard resume formatting. If you make simple mistakes, such as formatting the sections wrong or not writing in the form of a bulleted list, it will give a bad first impression.

5. Be unique. The best thing you can do with your resume is stand out. Think about what unique qualities you will bring to a job, and express them with your resume.

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