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Published: Friday 8th of December 2017; Words Count: 1050

To find a new server position, creating an appetizing resume is critical. A high-quality server resume should include a brief summary that describes your professional self in a few sentences, a list of all of your restaurant and bar experience, and bullet points that highlight the skills and qualities that will set you apart from the competition. List items should include proficiencies with point-of-sale systems, knowledge of food and wine, and experience working in a high-volume restaurant environment. If you have a college degree or a current food handler’s license, mention these qualifications, too. For more ideas, read our server resume example.

Server Advice

Looking for a job as a server in a restaurant? A quality resume is an absolute must. That’s why we’ve created these resume examples specifically for server positions. There are multiple resume templates you can choose from to customize your application and make your resume your own. The restaurant industry is hiring. Click on the resume examples below to get a jump start on your resume and find a job faster!


Resume Tips for Server

Hunting for jobs as a server, as anywhere else, takes both determination and strategy. By following the guidelines below, you can get a head start in landing your dream job.

1. Take responsibility for yourself. To succeed in a job search, as in any endeavor, you need internal motivation. Choose the position you want, and commit yourself to achieving it.

2. Establish and curate your online presence. Make profiles on social media sites and use them, but be careful to stay professional. Remember that anything you post under your name, a potential employer might later see.

3. Explore all avenues of employment. Don’t stop with an online search. Look for local job fairs, employment centers and recruitment. Check out temp-to-hire positions and contact companies directly to inquire about openings.

4. Research potential employers. Rely on more than the job posting when crafting a cover letter. The more you know about a business or organization, the better you can target your job application to suit their preferences.

5. Practice interviewing. A job interview is often the final step to employment. To polish your interview skills to perfective, study recommended techniques, and run through practice interviews with family or trusted acquaintances.

Server Job Seeking Tips

A top-notch resume is your key to getting jobs as a server and everywhere else. While some specifics vary from industry to industry, remember these rules when composing a resume for any occupation in any field.

1. Include necessary contact information, but don’t get too detailed. To avoid identity theft, leave off your street address, but do include a professional email address and one phone number for employers to contact you.

2. Use a template. A number of pre-made formats exist for resumes. Look for a template that’s appropriate for your industry.

3. Keep it simple. While wild colors and extravagant fonts may draw the eye, they also can appear unprofessional. A little color in the headers or section breaks may be appropriate for some industries, but make sure all text is in plain black on white, with clearly legible, business-appropriate fonts.

4. Order chronologically. For ease of understanding, your work experience and education should be listed in chronological order, starting with your most recent position or training and going backwards.

5. Quantify your accomplishments. Use numbers and statistics wherever possible and applicable, such as the size of the team you managed, the number of service calls handled, or the amount your work saved.

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