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Published: Thursday 6th of April 2017; Words Count: 800

Load your experience into your brand new resume and wait for the freight associate offers to roll in. Freight associates are responsible for loading and unloading incoming shipments, and working to stock shelves. Be sure you include all of your relevant past jobs to showcase your experience. Be sure to highlight skills such as inventory management, and your experience with shipping and tracking as well. To set yourself apart from the competition, include information about all special training you’ve completed such as safety training and inventory control. For more ideas on how to write a great resume, look at our freight associate resume example.

Freight Associate Advice

Looking for a freight associate job? Freight associates are responsible for loading and unloading incoming shipments, and working to stock shelves. To get hired as a freight associate, you’ll need a professional resume, and our resume examples will help you write a resume of your own. Use these resume examples as a starting point, and edit the pre-written text based on your own background and situation before sending it off to employers. Click on any of the resumes below to get started.


Resume Tips for Freight Associate

The job search in any industry can be challenging, and trying to find jobs as a freight associate is no exception. Because it can take awhile to find a career in a competitive job market, it is important to keep up a positive attitude and continue searching even when you feel like giving up. The following tips will help you be successful in your search.

1. Update your online presence. Make sure that you have a LinkedIn account, that you have updated it with all of your past job information, and use its job-hunting resources. It is also smart to create a Facebook and Twitter account that is focused on your professional life. You can use these accounts to network, show that you are a resource for information, and show your personality.

2. Plan your time. At the beginning of each week, block out time for your job-search activities such as networking groups, posting online, taking skill assessments, and applying for jobs.

3. Research potential employers. This helps narrow down your focus to businesses that would be a good fit for you.

4. Think about accepting a part-time position or contract work if it is in the area you want to work in. This will give you more experience and show your employer the kind of successful employee you are.

5. Look over your resume. Make changes and update it with your past job and new accomplishments.

Freight Associate Job Seeking Tips

Preparing a high quality resume is a key part of the job application process. Hiring managers often take only a few seconds to briefly peruse each resume, so it is important that you stand out. These resume-writing guidelines will help you design an envy-worthy resume.

1. If this is your first resume, there are templates that can be found online. It is best to use them as a guide but still design your own so that it doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

2. Make sure your resume has a sharp focus. This can be done by including a profile or summary of qualifications section at the top of the resume.

3. If you have had more than one job with the same employer, list each position separately.

4. When applying for jobs as a freight associate, portray your experiences as transferable skills. For those with little work experience, these can come from volunteer work, extracurricular activities, classroom presentations, and sports.

5. There are very few hard and fast resume-writing rules, but one of them is to never lie.

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