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Published: Tuesday 30th of January 2018; Words Count: 1750

To land a position as a host or hostess in a restaurant, you’ll need to be able to show potential employers that you are personable, professional, and have stellar customer service skills. To illustrate this, a new resume is in order. Start by listing any relevant experience, especially bar and restaurant work. Highlight characteristics that make you valuable, including a professional appearance, a friendly personality and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. If you have a college degree, be sure to include it on your resume. For more tips and ideas, use our host hostess resume example.

Host Hostess Advice

To get hired as a host hostess in a restaurant, you’ll need to be personable, professional and customer service-oriented. Another thing you need is a winning resume. The resume examples below are a great place to start. Our team has created multiple host hostess resume examples, each with unique designs, to help you build a resume that showcases your skills in the best light to potential employers. Get started today and get hired faster!


Resume Tips for Host Hostess

Finding jobs as a host hostess and the rest of the country can be a difficult process. Knowing what to do and where to look can make the entire process that much easier:

1. Use your network. In order to find jobs and get connected with hiring managers, you have to use the people that you know. Your network is also a great place to turn to when you need to learn more about a specific industry or position through an informational interview.

2. Know when to contact companies. Obviously you should reply to open positions that you are interested in, but sometimes you have to send a cold email or use social media in order to put yourself on the radar.

3. Stay persistent in your communication. Once you have made the initial contact, it is important to continue the communication until you get a definitive answer. This persistence does two things. First it lets the hiring managers know that you are really interested in the position and second it keeps you fresh in their minds.

4. Do some research. Before you go to an interview, you should research the company in question. This might help you think of questions to ask, it can help you connect more with the hiring manager and it can help you figure out if you want to work for the company.

5. Look for opportunities everywhere. This can be a really long process, but you can help speed it up by looking for job opportunities everywhere. That means that you can look on online job posting sites, on company websites, in the newspaper, at job fairs, on social media and anyplace else.

Host Hostess Job Seeking Tips

Part of finding jobs as a host hostess is building an outstanding resume. Follow these do and don’t tips to create something that will help you succeed:

1. Do make a reader friendly document by properly using white space, keeping the text flushed to the left, employing bullet points and the table tool, creating headers and using no more than two different fonts.

2. Don’t make your resume too general, instead include information that is specific to the job you are applying to.

3. Do keep all information relevant, so no hobbies, political or religious views, controversial activities or family data.

4. Don’t include references on the resume.

5. Do write in terms of accomplishments rather than day-to-day activities throughout your experience section.

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