Best Social Services Administrative Coordinator Resume Example

Published: Tuesday 16th of May 2017; Words Count: 1700

Do yourself a service and create a new administrative coordinator resume! In social services, administrative coordinators plan, direct and provide support for social workers, counselors or probation officers. To get hired as an administrative coordinator, start by listing all of your administrative experience, as well as the duties you performed in each role. Showcase the qualities that make you a terrific administrative coordinator. Using descriptions such as service-minded, computer-savvy and highly efficient will set you apart from other candidates. Finally, be sure to include your educational background, including your major, and any additional (and applicable) coursework you’ve done. For more idea, see our administrative coordinator resume example.

Administrative Coordinator Advice

Administrative coordinators in social services plan, direct and provide support for social workers, counselors or probation officers. To get hired as an administrative coordinator, you’ll need stellar organizational skills, a passion for helping people, and an outstanding resume. These resume examples can help. Review the resume examples below, then create and edit your resume to meet your needs. Get started now.


Resume Tips for Administrative Coordinator

Don’t get overwhelmed by your search for jobs as a administrative coordinator. Instead, keep the following guidelines handy and keep searching until you find the right job.

1. Spend your time wisely. You can’t spend twenty hours a day applying for jobs and working on your resume, but you can spend every waking hour doing something that contributes to your job search. When you’re taking a break from applications, practice your speaking skills so you’re ready for your interview.

2. Use technology to stay organized. Job hunt software can help you keep track of every position you apply for, but an Excel spreadsheet can do the same thing. Use whatever method works best for you to stay on top of your search.

3. Be nice. This is an important part of maintaining a good attitude. Be nice to the people around you. This will make an impression, and they are more likely to remember you or hire you when an opening comes up.

4. Use snail mail. Most applicants conduct their job search on the web and on the web only. One great way to set yourself apart is to break out of this rut and send your resume to a potential employer through the mail. You might be surprised at the response this method can garner.

5. Prepare your references. You should inform all of your references that you are looking for a job, but you should also provide some more details so they understand exactly what kind of position you are seeking. This will help them give you a stronger reference.

Administrative Coordinator Job Seeking Tips

You should spend a lot of time refining your resume when you are seeking out jobs as a administrative coordinator. No matter what position or what field you are looking for work in, following these steps can put your resume a step above the rest.

1. Omit salary information from prior positions. This can come off as presumptuous, and it can also work against you if you are offered a position later. This information is only relevant when you are in negotiations.

2. Use good quality paper. If you are delivering a physical copy of your resume, printing it on good quality paper is the best way to show you put forth extra effort. It will also be heavier and more difficult to misplace if it is printed on thicker paper.

3. Don’t use unprofessional language. Though you want to be conversational in some parts of your resume, your language should always err on the side of professional. Leave out lingo and phrases that a potential employer might not be familiar with.

4. Compose a group-oriented objective. Too many people write their objective statement and focus exclusively on their wants, needs and goals. This is unappealing because it gives the impression you are not a team player. Instead, tell employers about how you would like to work with a successful team.

4. List your residence. You may assume that the city you live in is obvious, but employers might take into account your commute time when making a hiring decision. Include your address with the rest of your contact information so that potential employers have a full picture.

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