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Published: Saturday 13th of January 2018; Words Count: 800

General managers don’t have an easy job, which is why you should put extra effort into your general manager resume. Though your work will differ depending on the industry, all general managers can expect to adhere to similar standards. Your resume should reflect these commonalities, including details of your experience managing other people. What did you accomplish as a team? How did your leadership improve the company’s standing? Which unique attributes did you bring to the table? Answer these questions in the form of quantifiable metrics in your work history section. Check out the general manager resume example for a better understanding.

General Manager Advice

Looking for a general manager position within an organization? The resume examples below have been specifically designed for candidates seeking general manager jobs. Use these resume examples as a guide in crafting your own professional general manager resume. Choose from multiple design and template options. Take the next step forward in your career and get the job you want sooner.


Resume Tips for General Manager

When looking for jobs as a general manager, there are several simple steps you can take to make the whole process simpler. With the economy changing, it is important to know what actions work in today’s job market.

1. Be persistent and determined. When an opportunity arises, always follow it as far as possible. Do not give up until you receive a definitive answer. Average job searches are getting longer and longer, so do not get discouraged.

2. Have a plan. You should figure out what kind of job you are seeking and determine what the best way to achieve it is. There may be hiring practice quirks that are unique to your field. It is your responsibility to know as much as possible.

3. Know what your other options are. You may not be able to find the exact job you are looking for. When this happens, you should already know what other fields will be relevant and beneficial to work in.

4. Always follow up with a phone call. Many applicants are filtered out simply because they never contact the employer again. By taking this simple step, you separate yourself from a great portion of the competition.

5. Make use of online resources. Everything from databases to assessments to interview tips can be found on the Internet for free. Supplement your job search to help increase your chances of being hired.

General Manager Job Seeking Tips

Your resume will likely be the most important part of your search for jobs as a general manager. The following do’s and don’ts will help any resume writer create a document that will make their search more successful.

1. Write your resume in an active way. Focus on the things that you have done, rather than job descriptions, lists of facts, or summaries. In fact, you should start each point in your experiences section with a strong action verb.

2. Think about what your resume looks like at a glance. Are there large, intimidating blocks of text or unused, blank spaces? Because you cannot assume that every employer will read every resume they receive, you should make yours as appealing as possible.

3. Try to be unique. You need to find a way to make your resume stand out from all the others. You should make your content unique, but it can even be effective to simply make your formatting different.

4. Use online resources. There is plenty of information and resume building tools readily available online. This will help your resume be strong, as well as conform with the expectations employers have for it.

5. Make sure you understand what the standard resume format is. If your resume does not line up with the expectations, it may be passed over before anyone even begins reading it.

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