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Published: Thursday 22nd of June 2017; Words Count: 1250

To craft a superb lane server resume, you must draw attention to three key skills: customer service, multitasking, and the ability to work well under pressure. Include at least one of these talents in your summary statement. Following that, mention all three in your skills section. When you write your work history section, remember to detail duties and accomplishments. List achievements that relate to these core skills. Share metrics to provide context. How many parties did you typically serve simultaneously? If you have no previous experience as a lane server, share other relevant experience. See the lane server resume example for more ideas.

Lane Server Advice

If you enjoy bowling and want to work in a fun environment, consider a job as a lane server. Lane servers work to make sure bowling alley customers have an outstanding experience. The resume examples below are perfect for crafting your own lane server resume. Simply click on any of the resume examples we’ve included here, and adapt the text to fit your specific needs. With the right resume, you could get a job you love in no time!


Resume Tips for Lane Server

Finding jobs as a lane server is a lot easier if you know how and where to look. Use the following tips to develop your own strategy and keep yourself competitive:

1. Network with professional associations. Stay active on job boards and company career sites, but don’t forget about the valuable resources available within your specific occupation or industry.

2. Don’t apply for a job right when you find it. Instead, research the company as well as the employees who work there. Company websites provide a lot of information. Try to get in touch with someone on the inside to ask questions about the culture and environment. This is good way to direct your application to the right people.

3. Look at the long-term picture. This is especially important if you’re applying for entry-level positions. Try to envision yourself after five years with the company.

4. Don’t rule out contract work. Many temporary jobs as a lane server and other recovering markets have a lot of long-term potential. They generally hire quickly and, like an internship, can often lead to a full-time offer.

5. Be present online. Recruiting is quickly going from online to mobile, so make sure you have a social media account and an updated professional profile. Make some contributions to forums or topics about your industry, and don’t be afraid to reach out to other professionals for advice and questions.

Lane Server Job Seeking Tips

Whether it’s online, on a mobile app or on a piece paper, a resume should be professional and concise. Use the following tips to fine-tune your sales pitch and stay competitive for jobs as a lane server.

1. Avoid personal pronouns. Instead of starting each job duty with I or my, use a verb that explains how you successfully accomplished the task.

2. Quantify your experiences. Numbers carry a lot of weight. Employers love to know how many people you supervised or what kind of sales numbers you reached. Be sure to also include all dates.

3. Start with a template and go from there. There’s no one true resume format, but a template can help with a lot of the legwork. Choose one that’s specific to your industry, and then tailor the layout as needed.

4. Align text to the left. Avoid using unnecessary word document features like justified text. This creates uneven spacing and can take up more room.

5. Add a qualifications summary. Many resumes only get a quick five-second glance. A summary grabs attention up front by highlighting your goals and general background.

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