Best Bilingual Technical Service Agent Resume Example

Published: Tuesday 13th of February 2018; Words Count: 1950

In the IT field, bilingual skills are highly valued and not always easy to find. Employers with non-English speaking customers need service agents who can speak to these individuals in technical terms, in both spoken and written formats. While some applicants have technical skills and some have language capabilities, you excel in both areas, and as you search for a new position, you’ll need to leverage your talents to your best advantage. Use this bilingual technical service agent resume example to make your case, and make sure every section highlights your unique abilities and valuable contributions.

Bilingual Technical Service Agent Advice

To succeed as a bilingual technical service agent, you’ll need a range of skills including technical and language skills, plus experience and a strong resume. The resume examples below have been crafted to help you advance your career as a bilingual technical service agent. Choose from multiple options and use the resume examples as a starting point. Then, edit your resume to fit your needs. With the right resume, you’ll be ready to start interviewing and getting the job you want sooner!


Resume Tips for Bilingual Technical Service Agent

The Great Lakes region offers a lot of opportunity for jobseekers, but you’ve got to be proactive in order to stand out. Here are a few tips to consider as you’re looking for jobs as a bilingual technical service agent.

1. Network offline too. With recruiting going mobile and the world running online, it’s easy to hide behind your computer during your entire job search. However, a referral is still the most effective way to get hired, so go out and meet people in the community and in your field.

2. Get behind the company’s purpose. Do your homework first before applying to any jobs as a bilingual technical service agent. You might be well suited for a particularly position, but your work will be unfulfilling if you don’t agree with your company’s mission.

3. Document your progress. Make it a habit to record the details of each application, including submission date and email communications. Be sure to save a copy of the job description and the exact resume you sent it.

4. Use a mobile app. Candidates can find thousands of jobs on Internet job boards, but many companies and recruiters are now going mobile. Be sure to download an app, particularly if you’re searching for tech-related or corporate roles.

5. Seek help. Unfortunately, job searching takes a considerable amount of time, but don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re having trouble. Consider a professional resume or career service provider, or get in touch with a local staffing agency.

Bilingual Technical Service Agent Job Seeking Tips

Most jobs as a bilingual technical service agent will require you to submit a resume. Spend some time on this part, and consider the following tips to ensure you keep it professional and to the point.

1. Make it job-specific. You should have one general resume, but try to tailor it for each position. In other words, consider the most important criteria for each job, and then highlight or top-list your most transferrable and relevant skills.

2. Include months and years. 2011 could mean January or December. That’s a big difference. Be sure to include your exact start and end dates.

3. Be concise. Leave out fluff and words that don’t add any value. This includes personal pronouns like I and y. Steer clear of lengthy paragraphs, and try to stay at one or two pages.

4. Use bullets. Screeners like resumes that are easy to read. Bullets help to locate points quickly and are more effective than paragraphs.

5. Ask a friend to edit. Don’t assume you caught everything. Get a second pair of eyes before you apply.

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