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Published: Saturday 30th of December 2017; Words Count: 800

You have to fight tooth and nail to get a great job as a dental assistant. Start the process with a stellar new resume. Start with a strong summary statement. Briefly, summarize your strengths in patient care and operating dental machinery. Use your skills section as an opportunity to share your relevant talents, taking care to name specific technology and instruments you’ve mastered to provide more context. Remember, don’t just list duties; share achievements. Soft skills matter in this line of work, so mention the qualities that make you great at patient care. Check out the dental assistant resume for more help.

Dental Assistant Advice

To get a job as a dental assistant, it takes a standout resume. Our resume examples are focused on clerical skills, x-ray expertise, working with patients, and other important job duties. Check out the samples below to create a great dental assistant resume of your own.


Resume Tips for Dental Assistant

Part of the challenge of finding jobs as a Dental Assistant is knowing what to do throughout the process. Use these tips to make your job search a little easier:

1. Use social media. Employers use social media to look up potential candidates, so you should use your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to promote yourself professionally. You can share articles related to your career field, describe your skills in the description section and keep your page free from controversial images.

2. Look for opportunities. It’s easy to scour one website, but you should look in more places than that. You should look on multiple job posting sites, on company sites, in newspapers, at job fairs and talk to people in your network. As you look for opportunities, you should at least consider everything you come across even if it’s not exactly what you had envisioned.

3. Think about your skills. You need to accurately describe the skills you have if you want to get a job. In order to do this, you should think about the skills you do have, how you acquired them and how eager you are to keep using them. Put the skills you’re proud of and want to keep using on your resume.

4. Be open minded. As you think of your skills and look for opportunities, you have to be open minded about the jobs you are looking at. Maybe this is the time that you should switch your career or try for something new.

5. Focus on your mindset. Finally, you have to be positive throughout the search. In order to stay positive, you should prepare yourself for a long search. You can do this by making small goals that you can complete on a daily or weekly basis.

Dental Assistant Job Seeking Tips

Part of the job search should be focused on creating an outstanding resume. Use these tips to create a document that can successfully help you find jobs as a Dental Assistant:

1. Give the hiring manager a choice of how to contact you by including your name, the city and state you live in, your website, an email address and a phone number.

2. Think about and describe your experiences in terms of accomplishments rather than day-to-day duties in order to create an engaging experience section.

3. Use white space, bullet points and the table tool to build a reader-friendly document.

4. Think about the employer as you choose which information to include and the order of that information.

5. Avoid discussing your political views, religious affiliations, family information, controversial activities or hobbies on the resume.

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