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Published: Saturday 27th of January 2018; Words Count: 850

An esthetician is a beauty professional who helps clients to maintain and improve healthy skin. If you have a passion for making people look great and feel good about themselves, becomming an esthetician could be perfect for you. Since all estheticians must be licensed, be sure that you include your current licensing information on your resume. Also, list all beauty-related experience, including any positions you’ve held at salons or spas. Finally, since estheticians work one-on-one with clients, listing soft skills like strong verbal communication will make you a stand-out applicant. Use our esthetician resume example for more resume tips.

Esthetician Advice

An esthetician is an expert professional who helps clients to maintain and improve healthy skin. The resume examples we’ve assembled below are designed specifically for esthetician job candidates. Using these resume examples as a guide, you’ll be able to more effectively build and edit your own professional esthetician resume. Choose from multiple design and template options to build the best possible resume. Get started now and put yourself on the path to a better career!


Resume Tips for Esthetician

While uncovering promising job openings is a difficult process across the country, with persistence and motivation, finding jobs as a esthetician is far from impossible. Here are few helpful suggestions to assist you in your career search:

1. Don’t stay industry-specific. When job prospects are limited, branch out into other fields to increase your options. Your skillset is likely transferrable across numerous sectors. Do some research to discover new occupations for which you may be qualified.

2. Look high and low for job openings. Browse online listings and attend job fairs. You want to get an idea of the type of employment opportunities that are available in the current job market.

3. Establish a financial plan. Finding the best jobs as a esthetician can take a long time. Consider taking on temporary work or, if eligible, filing for unemployment benefits to alleviate some of the financial burden during your job search.

4. Network as much as you can. Oftentimes, finding a job opening comes from who you know. Talk with friends, colleagues and industry insiders about potential employment opportunities. Let them know you are in the market for a new career.

5. Meet employers in person. While the internet has many valuable employment resources, sometimes the best way to land a job is an informal visit to an employer. Meeting face to face allows potential employers the chance to get to know you much quicker than through an email.

Esthetician Job Seeking Tips

A focused, well-written resume is a critical part of the employment process, no matter where you live. When applying for jobs as a esthetician, you will need a strong resume to set yourself apart from other job applicants. Here are a few resume pointers to steer you in the right direction:

1. Keep it under two pages. Employers spend hardly any time reading each resume. Keep it brief and concise.

2. Always spellcheck. Typos and other grammatical errors are major blemishes on your resume. Take the time to double-check your work.

3. Use a template. You want something that is easy to read and professional. Online resume builders are excellent tools for this.

4. Include only relevant work experience. You do not need to list every occupation you have ever held; provide a work history that is relatable to the job you are currently pursuing.

5. Focus on your strengths. You want to show your employer the areas in which you excel. Include any awards and recognition you may have received for your accomplishments in previous jobs or elsewhere.

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