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Published: Tuesday 2nd of May 2017; Words Count: 1200

Employers rely on data entry pros because of their attention to detail and their mastery of specific database management systems. And since some employers use proprietary systems that candidates may not recognize, a successful candidate will also need to be a quick and flexible learner. If you’re looking for work in this field, your resume should highlight your past data management experience and your confidence in the face of new information and new responsibilities. Make sure you draw attention to these qualities in every section of your document, especially your summary. Review this data entry resume example and allow it to guide your steps as you move forward.

Data Entry Advice

Can you type 80 words a minute mistake-free? You might excel in a data entry position. To get hired sooner, a compelling, flawless resume is essential. That’s why we’ve created the resume examples below. Designed specifically for data entry professionals, these resume examples highlight the skills employers want to see from prospective candidates. Simply choose one of the templates below and adapt these resumes to fit your needs. It’s a fast and easy way to improve your resume, which should help you get more interviews, and win the job faster.


Resume Tips for Data Entry

Whether or not you find jobs as a data entry, or any part of the country for that matter, will depend on your ability to take the right type of action. After gaining an in-depth understanding of the local economy, you will be properly prepared to face the job market. Here are some tips that will help you find jobs as a data entry quickly and easily.

1. Network. Oftentimes, members of your social circle can serve as excellent resources during your search for employment. Ask your friends, family members, and acquaintances about jobs that may be open at their places of employment.

2. Taking full responsibility for your job search can help you regain a sense of control. As a jobseeker, you have control over the amount of and types of jobs that you apply to.

3. Creating a concrete, step-by-step plan for finding and applying to jobs will work to your advantage. Entering into the job market with little or no preparation can spell failure for many jobseekers, and having a plan can help prevent this from happening to you.

4. Staying positive during your job search can be hard, especially if you recently lost a job that you loved. It is important to remember that your unemployment stint is only temporary, and that there are more opportunities available on the horizon.

5. Companies sometimes use the internet to search for potential talent. For this reason, increasing your online presence may work to your advantage during the job search.

Data Entry Job Seeking Tips

Whether you are looking for jobs as a data entry, or any other part of the country for that matter, having a great resume will always serve you well. Regardless of your industry experience, you will want to take the time to create an attractive and alluring resume. Here are some basic tips that can help you write the resume of your dreams.

1. Using a unique and creative format is a wonderful way to help your resume stand out from the crowd. Managers must wade through piles of cookie-cutter resumes, and if you have one that differs from the rest, it is more likely to garner attention.

2. Avoid listing jobs that were held more than 15 or 20 years ago. Companies want to hire employees who have the most up-to-date skills and knowledge, and listing an outdated job can make you seem out of touch with modern times.

3. Avoid lying. This will only hurt your chances of getting a job, and applicants should remember that most companies will perform a background check.

4. Bullets can help organize job information and make your resume more readable.

5. A well-written career summary can set the tone for your entire resume. This section will give employers a comprehensive and in-depth overview of your professional history and abilities.

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