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Published: Tuesday 11th of April 2017; Words Count: 900

Just like fast food, creating a resume for your next fast food server position should be quick and easy. Applicants with a background in fast food or restaurants should list all past work experience, and all resumes should include bullet points in the highlights section that will grab an employer’s attention. List things like strong communication and customer service skills, or experience using commercial appliances (such as fryers). It’s not necessary to include your education information, but if you have a current food handler certificate, be sure to mention it. Use our fast food server resume example for more tips on serving up a great resume.

Fast Food Server Advice

Fast food server positions are always in demand. To get hired, you’ll need a professional resume. Our resume examples below can help you create yours faster. Just choose one of our templates to get started. Then customize your fast food server resume with information on your background and experience. The faster you get started building your resume, the faster you can land a job. Get started today with our resume examples!


Resume Tips for Fast Food Server

Planning and making good decisions as you build your plan of attack can really boost your job search. Here are some simple tips to help you get the best results in your quest for jobs as a fast food server.

1. Take assessments to home in on your interests and abilities. It’s always good to cultivate a clear idea of your goals and a realistic understanding of your skill set.

2. Read professional journals to stay on top of the latest developments and challenges in your chosen field. This could help you refine your abilities and improve your job search.

3. Research prospective employers to gain valuable insight. Look for information about their corporate cultures, their current and expected needs and their employees’ levels of satisfaction.

4. Dig deeply into your network. Depend on your circle of colleagues, friends and family to help you discover opportunities and make connections you might not have been able to on your own. You never know what -œ or whom -œ someone in your network may know that could help you land jobs as a fast food server.

5. Create daily or weekly schedules to guide your search efforts. Staying organized is important when undertaking a complex task such as hunting for a job.

Fast Food Server Job Seeking Tips

Getting your foot in the door requires a résumé that doesn’t go straight into the bin. No matter the occupation, adhering to some basic rules can help you create a much more effective pitch. Here are five pointers for crafting a winning résumé.

1. Stay focused. Hiring managers see many résumés, so you need to make sure yours can create immediate interest. Create a lean document that gets right to the point and says who you are, what you can do and why you’re the best person for the job.

2. Be your loudest cheerleader. Your résumé is no place for modesty. Feature your achievements prominently so managers can easily see your potential value to their organizations.

3. Present the most important information up front. Organize employment data so the details a manager most wants to know lead each entry. The most common desired format is -œ title/position, employer, employer location, employment dates.

4. Highlight transferable skills. These are abilities you’ve picked up in your career that may also be useful in prospective jobs as a fast food server, even if they weren’t gained in similar positions. For instance, the ability to operate complex office equipment is transferable to several jobs.

5. Proofread your résumé to make sure it’s polished and mistake-free. You don’t want to leave a bad impression.

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