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Published: Monday 19th of February 2018; Words Count: 1850

Public Relations Advice

Looking for a job in public relations? You’ll need a resume that highlights your experience and gives employers the confidence you can handle the job–and the public. If you need a little help with your resume, check out the resume examples below. These resume examples are an important resource you can use to improve your public relations resume, and put yourself in position to win the job in no time!


Resume Tips for Public Relations

Finding work as a public relations will be similar to anywhere else in America. Make use of these tips to improve your prospects.

1. Stay positive. As the country recovers from a huge economic downturn, job hunts are still often slower than you may expect or desire. Growth is in your favor, so if you keep dedicated and don’t get discouraged, you can find jobs as a public relations.

2. Create a routine. As the length of your hunt grows, it is important to make sure you are active in your efforts every day. While you should add variety to the ways you look for jobs, a general routine can help prevent stagnation and discouragement.

3. Follow up relentlessly. Some prospects may seem dry on the surface, but as you dig ever deeper the positions will open up. Job fairs and job banks can be your best friend.

4. Never stop networking. Whether you are battling unemployment or searching for a next step in your career, talking to people is the best way to move forward. Social media is an excellent tool to take your networking to the next level.

5. Innovate. If you would rather start your own business or seek self-employment, now is a good time. Freelance contracts are more abundant than ever and can help you get started.

Public Relations Job Seeking Tips

While you are hunting diligently for jobs as a public relations, prospects can easily be lost if your resume does not shine. No matter how long you have been working and what your field is, you need a great resume. These tips should take your resume from average to exceptional.

1. Look for the magic length. If you are new to the labor force, you should aim for a one page resume. If you’ve been at it for decades, a second page is fine, but try to keep it down to two.

2. Avoid personal pronouns. The resume is very obviously about you. Personal pronouns waste space and time and focus the reader’s attention on you rather than the things you have accomplished.

3. Always strive to make the presentation reader-friendly. A busy manager will blow you off if you give them an excuse to do so. Bullet points and visible organization are absolutely necessary to make sure your information is never imposing or boring.

4. Keep the personal stuff to a minimum. While the employer should have your name, general location and contact information, they don’t need to know your height, weight, interests or political leanings. Even if a job has specific physical requirements, the employer will usually have a screening process, so you can leave that stuff out of your resume.

5. Focus on transferrable skills. Typing, management experience and people skills are all applicable to a wide variety of jobs. Any skills that you have should be included in the resume if they are useful to the industry.

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