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Published: Sunday 5th of February 2017; Words Count: 1600

You’re searching for a position as a service technician, and you’re looking for ways to set yourself apart in a crowded market. So use this service technician resume example as a guide while you draft and format your own document and submit it to employers in your area. Follow the example and ensure that each section of your resume is lean and complete. Don’t miss an opportunity to show off your training and areas of specific skill. If you have core competencies that can help you stand out, list them in a short section just below your summary. Then briefly describe your training program and previous positions.

Service Technician Advice

Looking for a job as a service technician or agricultural equipment mechanic? You’ll need a background working with a wide range of heavy equipment, a clean driving record, and a professional resume. Use the resume examples we’ve created for you to model your own resume. Then choose a format and design to use for your resume, and build a better resume quickly. Click on any of the resume examples shown below to get started.


Resume Tips for Service Technician

As is the case with any industry, the job search as a service technician can be made significantly easier by taking the right kind of actions.

1. Reach Out to Hiring Managers – If you don’t have an inside connection to score a referral, find the name of hiring managers from company websites or LinkedIn. Send an email that shows you’ve done some homework on their company by stating why you’d made a good addition to the team with some specific examples.

2. Make Personal Connections – Busy hiring managers and employers get hundreds of emails and other attempts at online connections. Drop your resume off in person to allow people to put a face and personality with the name.

3. Fine-tune Your Social Media Presence – Employers aren’t likely to be impressed with who tagged you in a photo from spring break. Fine-tune your social media pages to focus more on your desirable qualities while sharing posts that are somehow related to your field.

4. Be Persistent – Even with a strong market, persistence is needed in the service technician job market. Until you get a definite “no,” you still have a chance. Follow-up leads, check back with receptionists in person and send quick “reminder” emails.

5. Brush Up on Interview Skills – Boost your odds of making a good first impression once you land an interview by brushing up on your interviews and, if possible, practicing with a friend in the same profession.

Service Technician Job Seeking Tips

Regardless of where you center your job-seeking efforts, you’ll need an effective resume to get a foot in the door. No matter how much experience you have, there are some dos and don’ts you’ll want to be mindful of when writing your own resume.

1. Do Use Bullet Points – Bullet lists are easier to scan with the eye. Such lists are especially effective for listing your skills and relevant duties from previous positions.

2. Don’t Go Beyond 2 Pages – Unless you’re applying for an academic, legal or medical position as a service technician, there’s rarely a reason to extend your resume beyond two pages.

3. Do Consider Using a Template – Resume templates reduce the risk of making formatting errors while giving you an outline as a basis for your own resume. Most resume templates are easily customizable.

4. Don’t Forget to Proofread – Spellcheck and grammar check programs don’t catch everything – and sometimes such programs create new errors. Take the time to proofread your resume with your own eyes. This also gives you a chance to correct awkward phrasing.

5. Do Streamline Contact Information – Pick a single email address and phone number for your resume. Employers don’t like to play guessing games when it comes to contacting potential hires. Minimal contact info also protects you against identify theft.

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