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Published: Monday 13th of February 2017; Words Count: 1250

As an administrative coordinator, your job search success will depend on your ability to grab and hold employer attention with a strong resume. You may have a winning personality, but your employers won’t know this until they interview you, and your resume can help you land an interview session. So make the most of your opportunity to shine! Keep your resume organized, concise, clearly written, and aligned with the employer needs you can identify in the job post. Create a clear summary followed by subheadings for your education and experience. Use this administrative coordinator resume example as a formatting guide.

Administrative Coordinator Advice

An administrative coordinator has a range of responsibilities. These can include administrative support, budget management, and supervising staff, and more. Our administrative coordinator resume examples highlight the skills and attributes employers are looking for. Enhance your own resume by using these resume examples as a guide in creating your own resume. Select one of the templates below to get started on a resume that will help you stand out from the crowd–and get hired sooner!


Resume Tips for Administrative Coordinator

When looking for jobs as a administrative coordinator, the actions you should take are the same as when in any other location. The following tips should help you get started with your search.

1. Prioritize your network. Knowing the right people can sometimes be more important than having an impressive application, especially with the economy in its current state. Make sure you can get your resume into the hands of the hiring managers.

2. Stay positive. Maintaining an optimistic attitude will help reduce the stress of a long job search, but it will also make you more appealing to employers.

3. Be resilient. It is important that you follow up every application with a phone call or e-mail, and do not give up until you are given a definitive answer. However, after you know a job opportunity will not lead anywhere, you should immediately move on.

4. Know what your plan of action is. Think ahead about how you are going to make your search as fruitful as possible. It is your responsibility to understand what the hiring practices and expectations for your field are.

5. Have a backup plan. If you are not able to find the kind of work that you are interested in, you should know what other jobs will still be beneficial and may help you land the job you really want down the line.

Administrative Coordinator Job Seeking Tips

Whether you are looking for jobs as a administrative coordinator or anywhere else in the country, there are some resume writing standards. Follow this guide to create a document that will make your job search more successful.

1. Polish your resume to a shine. Your resume is the key to being hired, so you should dedicate an appropriate amount of time to making it as strong as possible. Additionally, you should rework your resume for each job you apply for to ensure it is always specific and relevant.

2. Write an active resume. It is vital that your resume communicates the actions you have taken while working, and not just lists job descriptions or responsibilities. Think about what unique properties you will bring to the table.

3. Know what is expected of you. There are very specific resume standards that have been established. If you do not follow them, many employers will not even take a look at your resume.

4. Be organized and concise. There should not be any large blocks of text or wasted space on your resume. After you finish writing, take a broad look and try to imagine what the first thing readers will think.

5. Focus on your experiences. You need to include basic information, but your experiences section is the most important and should account for the majority of your resume.

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