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Published: Thursday 19th of April 2018; Words Count: 1150

If you want to stand out in a sea of competitors, you need an excellent personal assistant resume. To get started, craft a summary statement that calls attention to your ability to maximize efficiency and productivity. Next, build a robust skills section to show off the array of applicable strengths you’ve obtained. Use your work history section as an opportunity to illustrate your proudest professional achievements. Remember to focus on accomplishments that demonstrate your talent for maximizing efficiency and productivity. For more ideas on execution, formatting, and general guidance, see the personal assistant resume example.

Personal Assistant Advice

If you want to get hired as a personal assistant, you’ll need experience, good references, and a solid, professional resume. By using the resume examples below, you can craft a job-winning personal assistant resume quickly and easily. These resume examples have been specifically designed for jobs like the one you’re looking for. Just click on any of the templates below to start building your resume right away.


Resume Tips for Personal Assistant

Knowing what to do throughout the search and where you can look will help you find jobs as a personal assistant and the rest of the country. Use these tips as a great starting point for your job search:

1. Go in person. Sometimes you need to go to a company in person to really make an impression. Hiring managers see a lot of emails and resumes, but if you drop your resume off in person you have a chance to make a first impression. This type of action can help you stand out.

2. Get connected before you start sending in applications. When you find a position that interests you, your gut reaction will be to send in a resume right away. Instead, you should find an inside connection. Ask that person to send your resume along. If your resume comes from the inside, it will stand out.

3. Gain information. Your network is an almost endless supply of information related to job openings, new companies, different industries and new career fields. If you conduct informational interviews, you will be able to gain valuable information that will help you find jobs as a personal assistant.

4. Make goals. Many job searches take a long time in this job market. If you make daily and weekly goals for yourself throughout the job search process, there is a better chance that you will be able to keep a positive attitude. These goals can be as simple as sending in a certain number of resumes each week or adding someone new to your network.

5. Grow your network. Speaking of adding people to your network, while you’re looking for jobs you should also be adding more people to your network. This means you have to be kind and courteous no matter how the interview is going because you can then use that person to find out about more opportunities during this search and in future searches.

Personal Assistant Job Seeking Tips

There are a lot of important actions you have to take as you search for jobs as a personal assistant, but one of the most important documents you will work on is your resume. Use these do and don’t tips to ensure that you create a standout and professional-looking resume for your job search:

1. Do use bullet points to ensure that the entire document is full of information, yet highly readable.

2. Do make standout headers by using a bold emphasis and maybe even incorporating a different font.

3. Don’t include irrelevant information about your hobbies, unrelated skills or physical description.

4. Don’t make your resume too long, instead try to keep it to one or two pages.

5. Do focus on the reader by including information that is of interest to the particular hiring manager, making the document reader-friendly and putting the information in a relevant order.

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