Best Restaurant Crew Member Resume Example

Published: Thursday 2nd of March 2017; Words Count: 850

Are you looking for a position as a waiter or server? A great resume will help you get hired as a crew member faster. On your new resume, be sure to list all of your relevant bar and restaurant experience. Don’t forget to showcase the skills that set you apart from the competition in your highlights section, such as strong customer service skills, or experience with commercial appliances (such as fryers or espresso machines). If you have a college education, be sure to mention it. For more ideas and important words to use, take a look at our crew member resume example.

Crew Member Advice

Looking for a position as a waiter or server? A good resume will help you get hired as a crew member faster. If you’re looking for a little help with your resume, the resume examples below will help you get started. Use these crew member resume examples as a starting point, and then customize your resume to fit your needs. Get started today and put yourself in a better position to win the job tomorrow!


Resume Tips for Crew Member

Searching for jobs as a crew member is no more difficult than it is anywhere else in the country-œwhich is not to say it’s easy. However, with a few proactive steps, the job hunt can be much more manageable and productive.

1. Formulate a cash flow plan. Whether you have been recently laid off or are looking to change fields, establish a safety net by applying for unemployment benefits or temporary work to keep you afloat.

2. Explore your options. Don’t feel cornered in one industry. Oftentimes skillsets can be utilized throughout a number of sectors, so don’t be afraid to branch out when looking for a new career.

3. Follow the leads. Sometimes a job search doesn’t go according to plan. Don’t be afraid to follow unexpected opportunities, even if they are outside your previous experience.

4. Establish network connections. In the job market, connections are everything. However, you don’t necessarily need friends in high places to find lucrative opportunities; job connections can come from anyone, anywhere.

5. Maintain a positive attitude. Positivity will help you press on even when the job search seems unrelenting.

Crew Member Job Seeking Tips

Once you have narrowed your search for jobs as a crew member down to a few promising leads, it is time to wow them with an impressive resume. Here are few pointers to consider when putting together your CV:

1. Format your resume to be clear and reader-friendly. If your employer cannot read or understand your document, then it is unlikely you will be called in for an interview.

2. Provide only pertinent information. Keep your resume concise and omit any irrelevant information, such as personal interests and hobbies. The interview is the place for your employer to get to know you; your resume is strictly for your professional and experiential credentials.

3. Focus on your strengths. Don’t just list your previous work duties. Instead, use your resume to share your career highlights and achievements that set you apart from other applicants.

4. Make your CV available online. There are a number of resume hosting sites that can maximize your exposure to employers.

5. Don’t forget to proofread. This is an easy way to ensure your resume doesn’t get cast aside. If you are unsure of your editing abilities, consider consulting with a friend who has a penchant for spelling and grammar.

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