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Published: Friday 23rd of June 2017; Words Count: 1850

Protecting the public and monitoring property will be your primary responsibilities as a security guard, therefore your employer will want to be assured of your surveillance experience and capabilities. It’s important that your security guard resume draws attention to your proficiency in extracting information from CCTV recordings. The experience section of your resume should highlight your skills in patrolling property, reporting incidents of theft or vandalism, and responding to medical emergencies. Refer to our security guard resume example for the types of certifications you should include, such as CPR and lifesaving qualifications.

Security Guard Advice

As a security guard, you’ll be responsible for protecting people and property. It’s a big job that requires experience, patience, responsibility, and a professional resume. By using the resume examples below as a model, you can expedite the often time-consuming task of building your resume. The security-specific text examples serve as an excellent guide, and you can use them to fit your personal situation. With the right resume, you’ll boost your chances of getting hired for the job you want!


Resume Tips for Security Guard

Before you start applying, consider a few of these tips to ensure a smooth process:

1. Do your research. Successful applicants are those who learn about the companies in their area. Scope out online mission statements and career pages to get a feel for a company’s culture. Also, make sure to thoroughly read through each job description before you apply.

2. Ask around. A positive referral can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Talk to your friends and family in the area, particularly those who work for organizations that interest you. It doesn’t matter if that person is in a completely different field. Any inside reference will likely increase your chances of getting noticed.

3. Develop a plan. Avoid haphazardly sending in applications without knowing what to do next. Furthermore, customize your plan to each company you apply to, and be prepared with a professional follow-up if you don’t hear anything back.

4. Plan for rejection. This can be a difficult concept for most job seekers to grasp, but many job openings receive hundreds of applications. In these cases, even very qualified people will get turned down. Don’t let this discourage you; it’s a natural part of the process.

5. Be patient. Sifting through hundreds of resumes takes a considerable amount of time. Also, each company is different when it comes to onboarding, so try to be patient and use the time to network.

Security Guard Job Seeking Tips

Most jobs as a security guard will require a resume and a separate application. While you don’t have much wiggle room on the application, you certainly do on your resume. Here are some writing and formatting tips to help you stand out:

1. Be transparent. Be clear on your resume about what you’re after, and don’t make any statements that you can’t live up to.

2. Be concise. Far too many applicants go overboard with formatting and wording. As a general rule of thumb, say what you need to say with as few sentences as possible. Consider adding a summary of your qualifications at the top to get your point across right up front.

3. Be descriptive. This doesn’t mean you should add more words. Just use the right ones. Opt for action verbs and phrases that highlight your accomplishments. If in doubt, go online. The Internet has hundreds of examples that work great for resumes.

4. Include all of your contact information. Don’t try to guess if HR prefers email or phone calls. Include both contacts on your resume and check your inboxes daily.

5. Ask for help. If you’re unsure about formatting or simply need a second pair of eyes, ask a friend or relative for help. Likewise, the Internet is full of great resources, as well as resume services if you feel like yours needs some extra attention.

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